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How can you Buy Your Medication from a Canadian Online Local Pharmacy?



Online Local Pharmacy

It seems these days one can buy almost anything online and that includes our prescriptions. It certainly a more convenient way to get our medications and can help us save some money too when compared to buying at your local pharmacies.

You really can’t beat the ease and convenience of an online pharmacy, something that becomes essential if you are not able to physically get around, the weather is miserable #Canadian winters or you don’t drive.

There are always some concerns with buying stuff online, but the stakes are really high when it is about your medication. There are some real problems with buying medications online and should be informed and diligent before you place an order.

Let’s take a closer look at online drugstores.

Is it Safe?

The simple answer is …….

Sorry there is no simple answer but the following advice should help you navigate to find the best pharmacy for you:

You will require to you have a prescription

If they are letting you buy prescription medications without a prescription, that is a major red flag. Stay away as that means they are regulated or licensed to operate. If they ask for a prescription but say that you can provide it at a later without a specific time frame, changes are they are they are not functioning within the law. You should not take chances with such pharmacies as this also means that they are not stringent about the quality of the drugs they are supplies to their customers.

They must be Licensed and Regulated

Pharmacies in Canada as well as most countries, need government issues licenses to operate and sell medications. You might find all kinds of online drugstores willing to take your order, but unless they are licensed, you don’t want to risk it. Buying from an online pharmacy which is not licensed with a Canadian provincial college of pharmacy is never a good idea. Your medications could be counterfeit or worse contain the toxic ingredient.

Most online pharmacies if regulated, will have their license right on the website, so look for that to ensure they are compliant with the local and national regulations.

License vs Image of a License

Even if the website says they are licensed, it could be a scam website just lying outright with a licensed image copied from somewhere else. While federal and regulatory bodies monitor the web for such websites, truth be told, the web is just too vast for them to check everything. Give them a call and find out the name and license number of the location where they will be filling your medications. That information can be checked against the local provincial pharmacy college for accuracy.

Price Rollback

Another red flag is specials for prescription medications. The prices in Canada are heavily regulated by the government and does not allow for special “deals” or “offers”. If the website is claiming to offer you medications at significantly lower prices, chances are they are either selling lower quality medications from other countries or worse are counterfeit medications on top of not being a regulated pharmacy.

Now that you have found a trustworthy registered local online pharmacy. Feel free to browse through their website or the app. You should see well-documented steps for you to make your first order. Most pharmacies will accept either the prescription image or the picture of your current vials to get you started.

And just like with anything else related to your health, if you have any questions, ask your online pharmacist. If you can find one that offers real-time support through chat, voice or video calling, you will definitely not be missing out on any information.

Such local online pharmacies open up many possibilities and conveniences. It’s as easy as placing your order with a few clicks and the medications will arrive at your door.

And if you are thinking of or have recently started to enjoy the convenience, privacy, and time savings with a local online pharmacy, please share your experience in the comments below.