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Shop These Essentials for An Extra Memorable Camping Trip




Some countdown the days until spring/summer in anticipation for beach season, while others are keen on finding adventure in the backwoods, camping. If you fall into the latter grouping   — or a combination of both — there’s no better time than the present to get a jumpstart on shopping for your camping essentials!

Make this year the most memorable camping season yet!

Camping Essentials for a Memorable Trip

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In terms of packing your camp bags, it’s convenient to separate your checklist into categories.

Camp Necessities

You’ll have to build your temporary abode – if you’re not using one of the best camper trailers – so you’ll want a quality tent, pillow, sleeping bag and air mattress to keep you warm and sheltered from the cold. It’s also not a bad idea to have a tarp for shade, fold up chairs for sitting around the fire and rope for a clothesline.

Must-Have: Make your tent cozy by bringing a combo tent light/fan for staying cool during those hot nights! And bring your music with you via an old iPod and an outdoor speaker.

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Packing for adventure means packing only the bare necessities. Bring practical attire suitable for your trip. Things like a good pair of hiking boots, sweat-wicking shirts, pants, swimsuit, a waterproof rain poncho to cover yourself and your backpack (if necessary), wool socks, sun hat and underwear. And don’t forget a towel!

Must-Have: There are environmentally-friendly laundry bags on the market that can wash your clothes on the go! Fewer clothes mean more room for other things!

Food and Cookware

All that fresh air and adventure makes for a ravenous appetite, so you’re going to want to plan your meals in advance – there are some fantastic camp cookbooks out there for gourmet camp cuisine. Forget the kitchen sink (unless you have one in your camper), you’ll need a cooktop and fuel, a mess kit (nesting pots), washbasin, utensils, garbage bag, biodegradable camp soap, dishcloth, cutting board, water filtration, food and spice and a food barrel or cooler for storage.

Must-Have: A campfire isn’t complete without s’mores and hot chocolate! And for a bright start to your morning don’t forget your instant coffee.  

Personal Items

Whatever you do, don’t forget the toilet paper! TP aside, you have to make sure you fill your toiletry bag with the basics like toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap, medical kit, painkillers, lip balm with SPF, sunscreen, insect repellant and hand sanitizer. Make sure that you leave all your scented lotions at home or else you’ll attract unwanted attention from the bugs.

Must-Have: Bring coconut oil along for cooking and for lotion. Check out Pinterest for recipes on how to make your own insect repellant! It also works as a light sunscreen and after sun treatment!

Survival Gear and Navigation

Never be without your map and compass because Google Maps doesn’t work on unchartered terrain. You’ll want to have on you, a pen, paper and if possible a portable GPS. Be extra prepared and forward your itinerary to a family member as well as the park (if applicable) as a precaution. Safety first, remember to bring your utility knife, a book of matches, lighter, small axe and an emergency blanket.

Must-Have: Bring a headlamp so you can read in the dark.

Make This Camping Season the Best One Yet!

Now that your bags are packed and awaiting the kick off to camping season, you have all the time in the world to research what’s for cooking for dinner!


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