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Fume Extraction Systems For A Healthy Workplace



Do you work in an industry with continuous exposure to high levels of fume and dust or do you own a similar industry?  Industrial fumes and dust are very harmful to human health and you need to install the fume extraction system in your workplace keep your place neat and tidy. 

Fumes are gases which are emitted from various industries and are harmful to human health. These gases are a result of the various chemical reactions which take place in the industry. Not all fumes are equally harmful, some of them do not harm, but they can increase the density of the surrounded air. There are some other harmful fumes, traces of which could lead to life-threatening diseases. 

According to government law, people dealing with such industries need to install proper fume extraction system in their place and they must ensure the safety for their employees. So, if you do not aware of the government policies then you will face heavy penalty and you must hire trained professionals to install the fume extraction system in your warehouse or industrial plant. 

Harmful effects of fumes and dust: 

Fumes can be generated from a number of activities. Some of the activities that generate harmful fumes are welding, soldering, and painting. Nickel, chromium, and manganese are some of the major harmful elements found in the fumes. Dust is another major problem which needs to be addressed. 

  • Breathing Problems: Prolonged exposure to high levels of fume and dust can lead to throat infections which results in breathing problems. In the absence of a fume extraction system, problems can be life-threatening. Your employees can suffer from lung problems and they can also get affected by lung cancel due to an excessive number of fumes and dust in your industrial areas. So, you must install the fume extraction system to ensure their safety according to the government laws. 
  • Lung Cancer: The cases of lung cancer are increasing with each passing day. Earlier, only smokers or those in close affinity to harmful industries showed symptoms of lung cancer but not lung cancer has become very common with children as young as ten showing symptoms. 
  • Lack of concentration: When a person working in the industry is exposed to such harmful fumes, their concentration power decreases and they cannot focus on the work. This leads to lowered productivity of the employee and can result in accidents as well. 

Why would you install a fume extraction system? 

Now that we know the problems caused by fumes, we should explore more about the necessary actions to be taken to control the production of fumes and to minimize its effect on human health. Some of the advantages of installing a fume extraction system at the workplace are given below. 

  • Clean Air: Clean air is essential to a healthy life. A person exposed to pollution is more prone to diseases. Thus, we can say that clean air is the key to a happy workplace. 
  • Increased productivity: When the level of pollution decreases, the productivity of an individual automatically increases because they will not get affected by any disease and they can concentrate on their work. This leads to better output and an increase in profit for the employer.
  • No fines: With the introduction of fines for industries not maintaining the safe working conditions, a fume extraction system has become a necessity. It ensures that the industries are not penalized and thus results in long term savings.

With the increase in government intervention, the market for fume extraction system is blooming. More and more industries are installing these systems every year to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.

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