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How a Felony Can Affect Your Career



If you are facing a felony charge or have been convicted, it could affect your life in a variety of different ways, as it could destroy your relationships, health, and finances. It can also have huge ramifications for your career.
Not only might your position be called into question, but you might experience various obstacles you have never encountered before. Find out how a felony could impact your career.

A Loss of Employment

If an employee has been convicted of a crime, an employer may have a legal right to terminate their employment immediately. However, the felony conviction will need to be related to the job, as the member of staff will need to pose a risk to the business.

Even if a conviction cannot be linked to a career, it is likely an employee will still lose their job, as they will need time away from their career to serve a sentence or to attend various court proceedings. If you are facing a felony charge, don’t allow it to destroy your life and career and contact Deaton Law Firm L.L.C, who are experienced criminal lawyers Charleston.

Academic Disadvantages

If you did not obtain a college degree before a felony conviction, it is unlikely you will be able to earn one. Most US colleges require applicants to disclose any criminal convictions during the application process.

If a state or federal institution does accept an application, a student will more than likely be unable to receive financial aid to attend an institution. If, however, you were provided with federal aid before an offense, it is common for eligibility to be suspended.

Professional Restrictions

Depending on your conviction, you might be unable to embark on various professions. For example, if you have a felony conviction, you will be unable to secure a career as a teacher or work in a school. If you were convicted of a drugs or alcohol felony, it is unlikely you could enjoy a career as a commercial truck driver, as an employer could deem you a risk to public safety.

Business License and Permit Issues

A felony conviction cannot only limit academic opportunities and career options, but it can also prevent you from obtaining or maintaining various business licenses and permits. For example, you might be unable to receive a permit to work with specific chemicals.

Also, if you held a nursing license, plumbing license or law license, you must report the conviction to the appropriate licensing agency. Sadly, this could lead to your professional license being either suspended or revoked.

A Lack of Career Options

Many employers will perform background checks on all candidates before officially offering them a job. As a result, they may discover your criminal conviction, which could prevent you from securing a role at a company.

While the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission encourages employers to consider each candidate based on their circumstances and talents, a conviction could work against you.
What’s more, if an applicant fails to disclose a conviction to an employer, they could potentially be fired for misrepresentation, if they can prove the felony can relate to the position.

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