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20 Reasons Why You should be A Photographer



Although some say that the best thing to capture memories is the human eyes, people will still somehow crave for something that is tangible that will make those memories last. May it be from a simple birthday celebration at home, weekend trips with friends or finally learning to travel solo for the first time. This is why photography has easily carved its way into everyone’s list of hobbies. And since everyone sees things differently, photography does allow unique perspectives to be shown to the world.

There are a handful of reasons why photography is fun, and we’ve listed 20 of them below:

1. Lets you capture and record memories for everyday use

Who would want that beautiful and amazing overseas trip be easily forgotten? Photography is the best companion one could ever travel with. It captures the memories you would want to see every day and make it last a lifetime.

2. Taking photos is an enjoyable activity

Most of the time, photography is used to express emotions. People turn to be a photographer even if it’s a bad day they’re having with. The action itself to capture sceneries or even random people’s emotions could turn a bad day into a good one and release your happy hormones, leaving you with a more positive outlook in life ready to make the most of the next day.

3. Share the same passion with your loved ones

Photography is one of the activities that can be done by the whole family, group of friends or even colleagues at work. One doesn’t have to have a professional camera nor some mad skills to do it. It only takes a pinch of passion to get a person to start doing it. The captured shots, either printed or digital, can be passed on from one generation to another, too.

4. Let’s you capture a different side of your family

Living in a fast-paced life these days makes it hard for both parents working to document their children’s milestones. However, photography tells otherwise. New moms would capture the growth of their belly for 9 months until the D-day. Newborns have already collected more than a dozen of photos even before they celebrate their first year. You may see your family every day, but looking through a camera lens lets you perceive a different side of them as time goes by.

5. You get to be a storyteller

One doesn’t have to be a word wizard to tell a story. A single photo could already do it for you.

6. Gives you total control over your own time

Just as long as you have a camera at-hand, photography lets you do what you have been wanting to do wherever inspiration arises, and most of all at any given time you please.

7. Opens your doors to photography conferences

Surely, photography conferences are a lot more interesting compared to the corporate ones you dread of going to. This is also one way of broadening your horizon should you really wish to take your photography hobby to the next level. These conferences will open your doors to new people enjoying the same field you’re in and may even get free tips from the professionals too. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, photography conferences usually invite well-known individuals in the photography field, giving you an opportunity to exchange ideas and get expert advice.

8. Learning never stops in Photography

Enrolling yourself in some photography course online or workshops on how to improve your photography skills are readily available. Whatever medium that is, learning never stops once you start including photography in your hobby list. Not to mention the never-ending development of photography gears in the market too, which surely you would want to know more about.

9. Every day is different

Photography lets you perceive each day differently. No two events are the same, no two days are alike either. So always capture things as you go and as you please, and you’ll see how a different emotion could be expressed on your shots.

10. Photography is accessible

One of the best features of having photography as a new hobby is its accessibility. Companies who manufacture smartphones are continuously improving their camera lenses these days, bringing the art of photography closer to the people. Don’t miss on this opportunity to take beautiful photos without even needing a professional camera.

11. Photography opens doors to different opportunities

Whether you take photography as a hobby or a new business to venture on, it actually opens your doors to a lot more opportunities ahead. For example, in this social media age, a simple Instagram account can already act as a portfolio. And with only a single click, you can be followed by one of the most renowned photographers in the country. Which could lead you from one opportunity to another.

12. Serves as your artistic outlet

People always have an artistic side. However, being artistic does not only mean one can draw or paint. Being artistic can be shown in your photographs too. How you find the right angle to get the perfect shot or how you make the colors pop off a simple mountain range is also another outlet for being artistic.

13. Serves as a good conversation starter

Having a hard time interacting with people whom you just met? Well, photography makes a good conversation starter, indeed. Maybe you could start with comparing your cameras? Asking for suggestions and talking about photography-related stuff. This newly found hobby of yours will surely help you break out of your shell and let you mingle with people whom you just met.

14. Photography constantly challenges you

For someone who is having a hard time taking risks, photography could be a great hobby to start with as it continuously challenges you. It starts on the first time you get to own a camera. Learning the ropes could be time-consuming for sure, but soon as you get the hang of it and start using it in manual mode instead of automatic, the feeling is rewarding. That is one of the reasons why photography is fun, you spend the effort to get it. And once learned, you’ll feel fulfilled and ecstatic.

15. It’s widely in demand

Fashion bloggers who are in constant search for photographers to take their outfit shots, social media accounts that need unending contents and the like, are only some of the reasons why photography should be your new hobby to work on. The consistent demand for a photographer allows you to do something in one way or another.

16. Allows you to try other fields

As learning never stops in photography, it then gives you the chance to branch out and try other fields. Let’s say after years of improving your skill on photography, you are now equipped with the right amount of experiences to share with the newly aspiring photographers. You then start to put up a blog about it, or better yet, write a whole book about the time when you were only starting until a time you are able to establish a name for yourself.

17. Something to Teach the Kids

Introducing photography is yet another great activity to teach the young blood. It allows them to see the world in a different perspective, which is through a camera lens.

18. Helps You Take a Better Look at the World

Photography allows you to take a closer look at the world. Even the smallest detail you get to notice through a camera lens. Or another thing is to see the bigger picture. Whichever way you want to see it, one thing is for sure, photography gives you the chance to look at the world in a more positive manner.

19. A Way of Helping Others by Giving Back what has been lost

Another best thing about photography is that it could be a way of helping others by reviving what has been lost. A wedding, for example, is one of the best memories to be captured. However, due to the intense happiness during the ceremony, guests sometimes forget about taking photos and give out their 100% focus on the couple. You, being the photographer, becomes their hero. Although time has been lost for them, you still help them reminisce about the moments again and again just by merely scanning through your raw shots.

20. Let’s you earn while having fun

There’s no better way to earn some money while having fun.

Do not let the word “photography” scare you. Learn it the natural way by taking it as a hobby first, and then work on improving yourself as time goes by. Who knows, maybe one day the amateur shots you’re taking right now could be included in a photography exhibit in the future.