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Finding Employment through Express Newspaper Jobs



People always look for jobs in Pakistan through classified sections of Newspapers. Express Newspaper Jobs also include various job opportunities in Pakistan’s public and private sector. The Daily Express Newspaper was formed in 1988 and since then it is being circulated in Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and many other major cities of Pakistan.

Private and public companies post advertisements in newspapers because they reach millions of readers. Many of those readers are looking to start their careers and help themselves in making a prosperous life. Are you also looking for a job right now?

Search Daily Newspapers for Jobs

Yes, dear reader if you are looking for a job then you should be searching through various English and Urdu dailies. There is no better place to find vacancies in private or government organizations. Hundreds of job advertisements are posted in daily journals for job seekers. There are jobs for teachers, engineers, doctors and not just that you can also find employment as photographers, video editors and many more.

Express Newspaper is one of the highest circulating Urdu dailies of Pakistan. Numerous Urdu readers buy and read their paper for latest news, celebrity gossips and latest vacancies in Pakistan. You don’t have to worry whether they will have employment opportunities in your city or not. Because they do, as the paper is specifically published for various major cities in Pakistan. The private or public firms in your area will post job ads in your local Express newspaper jobs section.

Finding Newspaper Jobs Online

These days everything is available on the internet. Even newspapers are uploaded for readers, which are referred as E-papers. If you don’t want to buy all dailies, then just go to Because this website provides all sorts of latest jobs in daily newspapers. You will come to know as you browse their platform that new jobs in Pakistan are added daily on their platform. You can easily view and share these ad clippings with your colleagues, friends or family members as well.

Getting employment in any company is hard, no matter it belongs to private sector or run by the Government. That’s why try to apply for as many Express Newspaper jobs in your area as you can, in order to gain employment in this developing country. Wishing you good luck for your future ventures!