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Who is a proctor? It is, simply put, a synonym for the ‘invigilators’ who are stationed in the classroom to make sure unethical means are not used to excel in the examination. Whether the proctors are themselves smart or nor it doesn’t matter, as their only job is to maintain the sanctity of the test schedule. However, with the technology implementing automation or lessening human involvement, its hard to imagine why a labour-intensive work like proctoring has been left behind. Or is it!

With live feed and 360-degree cameras making it to the market, invigilation is being redefined for exam proctoring services. Online proctoring allows off-shore users to ensure the integrity of the test by keeping an eye on the examinee. The environment setting could be anything, all that is required is a seamless internet connection and for the examinee a laptop. The last number of years has seen a sharp surge in the number of exam takers.

But as with every new technology, if an education/training institute decides to outsource its exam proctoring services then that comes with its own sets of challenges. For instance, test takers have to be effectively monitored so that they don’t succeed in cheating. Hence, the question arises what security measures are the institutes turning to. For starters, they are buying into the idea of auto authentication. This is the process in which students take a photo of themselves followed by an authentication done in real-time. Online test proctoring services then make certain the fact that environment Is free of sounds, motions and systematic changes. The room that is being used for the test schedule, should not have anyone else in the vicinity.

If not real time, institutions have also been seen using record-and-review proctoring. The student is recorded which is one probability, the other is to provide live proctoring support as well. Proctoring exam vendors don’t charge their clientele based on the number of exams but rather on the number of students that end up taking them.

It’s important for institutions to first gain an understand the entire process of online test proctoring before opting for such a service. Imagine being stranded in the middle of an examination, due to hindrances in the network. To be certain, before entering any such contracts read about the vendor. ExamStrong is one such major player in the industry which has forged its name through major partnerships within the online examination sphere. Its offerings among other things include state of the art dashboards, individual item analytics, custom reports and real-time proctoring reports. The reach and scope of ExamStrong extend to more than 200 countries around the globe. The company’s client-list boasts an enviable array of names in the education field from Africa to the United States of America.

An examination is a culminating point for any form of education. Without a legitimate testing procedure, the credibility of the institution hangs in the air. Choose to stand out of the herd of the ordinary.