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Personal Injury Due to a Truck Accident? Whom to Call?



Personal injury is the consequence of the truck accident. But specific unique issues are involved with the injury case. The truck operators have to follow many state and federal regulations. They have to carry insurance with much higher limits than an ordinary vehicle dealer. Several parties share the financial responsibility of a truck along with the driver.

The plaintiff injured by the truck wreck can rightfully approach for an injury settlement that is equivalent to the damages cost to him/her. In case of standard car clash, the chance is less.

Let’s discuss the factors that are concerned with the injury settlement linked with truck accident:

Standards for Conduct and Insurance set by the State and Federal Regulations:

The truck owners, manufacturers, and the operators need to obey several state and federal regulations such as:

The time period allowed for a driver to go without taking rest in between

The weight that can be hauled by the truck

Quality control in repair

Quality control in manufacturing

If you are not at fault in a given mishap, most of the time the chance is of a defendant’s violation of the ordinance or statute. It’ s imperative as the evidences of violation of the regulations influence the chance of plaintiff to win the trial. The higher the odds, the more is the defendant’s intention to settle the case before trial.

Higher insurance

It is one of the essential aspects of state and federal regulations. The insurance requirements are imposed on the operators and owners of the truck. In case of all the practical purposes, the defendant is able to settle for the specific amount that can be actually afforded by him/her. The settlement can also be done based on the maximum amount allowed by the insurance company of the defendant.

The law sets the truck insurance’s higher minimum policy limit. It indicates that if the employer or the driver only carried the least amount, the complainant won’t have to stick with a lowly settlement.

In the incidents associated with the standard car accident, it may or may not apply.

Multiple Defendants and their effect on the Settlement:

When there is more than one accused in a single lawsuit, they may or may not be equally responsible for paying the damages to the complainant. A fatigued river may have to share partial liability for a catastrophe along with the faulty tires’ maker. The plaintiff has the right to sue both the driver and the manufacturer. But, it is not definite as how much each is at fault.

There is a drawback. It is difficult to obtain the right amount of settlement involved with the not-so-clear proportions of the multiple defendants who are at fault. The defendants may not agree at the given amount and argue on the agreement. The plaintiff can also settle with one appellant and then proceed to sue the other accused of balancing the damages that are determined at the trial.

We can view specific examples of the truck settlements:

Nobody can claim that the driver or the other party is automatically at fault and have to offer a high amount of settlement just because a road accident is associated with a truck.

In one case, a semi-truck rear-ended a plaintiff. He/she required joining of the neck vertebrae. The plaintiff got a settlement of approximately $350,000.

In another case, a plaintiff was driving a car, and a semi-truck struck the car head-on. The victim suffered multiple fractures and a couple of broken legs. He/she had to spend many months in the hospital, undergo multifarious surgeries and long-term rehabilitation for being healthy and fit again. The sufferer received around $1,850,000 settlement from the insurance company of the defendant.

Again, in an occurrence, a plaintiff collided with a tractor-trailer and suffered a shoulder injury. He/she had to sustain shoulder surgery. He/she received approximately $275,000 of settlement.

In a happening, a semi-truck hit a plaintiff as the truck had a defective part. The plaintiff got injured severely and had to amputate a leg. A settlement of $3,750,000 has been given to suer.

A specialized truck accident attorney is the right person to approach if you have suffered from personal injury caused by a massive truck. He/she has the updated knowledge of the laws associated with the truck wrecks. Find an experienced lawyer and get help for receiving the maximum compensation.