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Effective Tips on How to Grow Your Plumbing Business



The plumbing business is growing at a much faster rate than its average rate of growth. Every business owner wants to grow their business, in this case, the plumbing business. Sure, you might not want to grow in the same way as others, but growth is a constant demand.

Every business expects to grow in different ways. Some companies want to expand by adding employees to their company; some plan to grow their business in terms of profitability and revenue, while some might want to achieve a balance they expect to have in life.

As stated earlier, growth is a constant demand. But how can that growth be achieved?

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Here are a few simple and useful tips that can be followed to grow your plumbing business:

Training & Experience

The first and most important step required to grow your plumbing business is to hire trained and experienced plumbers who will be working for you. Without your employees knowing the inside out of the particular field, your business will go haywire.

Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in the growth of a business. If the plumbers working under the name of your business are not well-trained and efficient in their trade, it will earn a bad name for your business.

You can hire plumbers who are trained and have prior experience in the field, or you can provide training to your employees under your supervision.

For example, if you have a plumbing service in Haberfield, Australia, the plumbers working for your plumbing business should be the best in the area. Good workers will create excellent goodwill for your business.

Trained and experienced plumbers will add value to your business in many ways. This helps build a trustworthy brand identity of your company and the services you provide.

Research & Choose a Niche to Grow

A plumbing service generally involves drain cleaning and pipe repairing, but the scale of competition has drastically increased in these commonly provided services as well. Choosing an area in which your business can grow is essential.

If you are planning on starting your business in a particular area, do some research to know which plumbing services are least covered by other companies in the area.

Your company might offer specialized services in a particular category of the plumbing business. It is not wise to deal in too many functions which might cause unwanted confusion in the company.

Remember, pick a few areas but not too many. Make sure you choose a niche that you can handle well and limiting your services to a few helps in operating your business efficiently.

Also, choosing a proper geographical area to operate from is essential. Make sure about the competition in the surrounding areas and the services they specialize in.

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Create a Unique Logo & Business Card

A uniquely designed logo and a business card do many things for the growth and advancement of your plumbing business.

While a well-designed logo is a representation of what your company stands for, your business card contains all your details like your phone number, email address, website address, company’s location, etc.

Your company’s logo must be designed in a way that it is a symbolic representation of what your company sells or makes. Moreover, it should visually attract your potential customers to your services and offerings.

When designing your business card, make sure that it reflects your brand’s values. Modern business cards are specifically designed to leave a positive impression on the recipient.

It is advised that you avail the services of a professional designer to design your company’s logo and business card, especially.

Create Your Plumbing Business Website

Having an active online presence is vital for the growth of any business. In this digital age, people search for everything on the internet, including plumbing services. Having a website increases trust in the minds of your visitors and builds your online visibility.

A few things have to be kept in mind when designing your business’ website. Proper planning and designing have to be done for building your website’s layout to target and acquire the right audience.

Another thing to take care of is the information you provide on your website. Your contact information like your phone number, email address, current address, etc. are recent and are up and running.

Another aspect to be careful about is that your website should be both desktop and mobile compatible. 71% of the users on the internet come from the Smartphone segment.

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Lead Generation Strategies

There are many lead generating strategies that can put in place in order to grow your plumbing business. Let’s discuss a few lead generation strategies:

Customer Referrals: This is a simple strategy in which your existing customers get new customers for your business. For this to happen a few techniques can be adopted.

Offer Discounts: You should offer discounts to customers that bring new leads to your business. You can also offer discounts to frequent customers to develop a long-lasting relationship.

Free Follow-Ups: You can provide free follow-up services to customers for some minor plumbing work. This will convert new customers into loyal customers.

Internet Marketing: Investing in internet marketing will help you generate online leads and get customers through your website and links.

These simple techniques can be used to acquire more customers and grow your plumbing business.

Business Promotion on Social Media

It is a known fact that today’s world is socially connected. So, it is possible for your potential customers to be on social media networks.

Several social media platforms are used by billions of people around the world. You can use these platforms to your advantage to drive customers from these networks to your business.

To promote your business on social media, all you need to do is to take your business to these social media platforms. Create your social media page on these popular social network channels.

For example, if customers from Haberfield, Australia search for plumbing services Haberfield, Australia, your social media page should show up if your business is based in a similar area.

It is important to post relevant information concerning your plumbing business regularly. This helps in attracting potential customers to the services offered by your plumbing business.

You should try to create these pages attractively with all the vital information to your business that a potential customer could need to make contact with you. You should also try to build a strong relationship with your customers through these platforms.

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Manage Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are vital for you to grow your plumbing business. In today’s virtually connected, more than 90% of the companies get their customer base from online reviews and referrals.

You need to understand this from a customer’s perspective that before a customer allows you in their house, they will need to trust you.

There are a few ways through which you can high quality reviews for your plumbing business:

  • Sending your customer a follow-up email after the job is done. You can ask if the customer was satisfied with the services provided to them and if they have any feedback.
  • If the feedback given by the customer is positive, you can send a polite request with your business’ social media page. Most customers will leave a review if they are satisfied with the service and if you ask.

Use Cross-Promotion

Cross Promotion is an effective way to tap into a customer base that was not accessible to you before. Cross Promotion is a time and money-saving strategy that will expose your plumbing business and target and already established audience.

There are a few platforms and ways you can use to cross-promote your plumbing business. Let’s talk about a few:

Co-Sponsor: Being a co-sponsor to any event is a cost-effective way of promoting your business and to connect you to other businesses customers. You could host seminars and showcase some of your plumbing skills that will be helpful to the audience.

This creates a brand reputation for your business and helps in acquiring potential customers.

Social Media: Social Media can be used to connect with companies that compliment your customer base. You can email or drop them a message asking f they would like to collaborate and promote each other’s products on social media to acquire a new customer base for both businesses.

Joint Discount: Offering a joint discount is another way of tapping into a new customer base. Collaborate with a company that compliments your plumbing business and mutually agree on providing a discount to customers that purchase from both enterprises.

Plumbing charges can be high and are a problem when there is an emergency. This strategy will help a customer get a discount on the availed services and also help in the growth of your plumbing business.


It is challenging to find customers for a local service like plumbing, and a business can’t grow without customers buying their products. These are a few ideas that can get you started on the path to growing your plumbing business.

Also remember, these tips are only as useful as you make of them. Being strategically regular is crucial for the growth of your business.

Tack, manage and maintain your strategies regularly, also change them if necessary for the success of your business.

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