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Daily Skin Care Routine for Healthy Skin




The skin is one of the first indicators of good health and beauty. But this is a living, breathing organ and not a synthetic layer. It requires nourishment and cares like the rest of our body. The skin is a reflection of our inner health. Hence, it cannot look healthy unless you are healthy from within. But unlike a lot of other organs, the skin also needs nourishment and cleansing from outside. Its exposure to the environment, dirt and pollutions mean that we have to develop a regime of proper skincare that must be followed daily.

Fortunately, we have skin care products manufacturers to help us with this. A visit to any supermarket will show a bewildering array of products, each a ‘must-have’. Herbal and natural products are usually recommended because these do not harm the skin. Instead, most of these can immensely benefit it in the long-run. But what do we really need? What are the skincare essentials that we must all keep at home? And more importantly, what skincare routine should we follow everyday?

Here are a few pointers:


You need to wash your face every day, especially before you go to bed. Make-up can clog our pores and result in breakouts. It can also cause premature aging. You may think that you don’t need to cleanse if you haven’t put on any make-up. But, that is not the case. Our skin is exposed to dirt and pollution throughout the day, especially if we are going outside. So, make sure that you clean your face before going to bed. Invest in a good quality cleaner, preferably herbal.

Apart from a good cleanser, you will also need a face wash. This is usually used during the morning shower. Some high-quality herbal cleansers like virgin coconut oil can be used just once in the day at night. But for convenience sake, you might still want to keep a face wash, especially if you are traveling and need a convenient and easy routine.


As we age, the cell renewal process of the skin slows down. As a result, our skin has a lot of dead cells, which make it look dull and old. This has to be scrubbed and washed. This is where exfoliation comes in. The skin should be exfoliated at least twice a week to remove all dead cells. If you have oily or sensitive skin, you may need to do this more often. Look for natural fruit-based exfoliates. These are gentle on the skin and are not abrasive. You can also make an easy exfoliator at home using sugar and water. Course besan and turmeric in raw milk will also work brilliantly.


The skin needs nourishment from outside and this is where moisturization comes in. The moisturizer traps in the moisture, keeping the skin moist and supple. Choose a light and easily absorbed moisturizer for the morning. Today you can also get moisturizers with built-in sunscreen. These are ideal for people who are out in the sun. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type — dry, oily or combination. In harsh winter conditions, you may need extra moisturizing in the night. Creams and lotions by Herbal skin care products manufacturers are recommended here because of their many beneficial properties. In many ways, these formulas are like food for the skin.


Your skin also needs a face mask once or twice a week. Face masks are applied on the face and left to dry. These are then washed off, leaving the skiing glowing. A face mask is akin to an occasional treat for the skin. It is a means of performing deep cleansing of the skin while feeding it with important nutrients. You can buy a range of face make from the market today. Natural or herbal masks are best here because a mask is meant for deep nourishment and you don’t want it to be laden with chemicals.


Using sunscreen is very essential to save your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Keep a sunscreen from good skin care products manufacturers and it must be at least SPF 30. Use a gel-based sunscreen for oily skin and a more lotion-like formulation for oily skin. The sunscreen will help in preventing wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of aging.