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How to Make Your Hair Look Bright?



Hair is a part of our body that needs to be taken care of the most otherwise they will end up falling. Our hair might need extra care and nurturing but keeping your hair clean isn’t always about just washing them and using different hair products, it is about making your hair look fantastic!


The one thing that makes your hair glow is the shine in them. Everyone wants hair that shine brighter than the sun. Following are few of the steps that will make your hair bright:
Use conditioner
Ironing and blow drying your hair may damage your hair temporarily but this damage can be repaired. After you shampoo, it’s important that you use conditioner at least once a week. Conditioner eliminates any damage that there is and adds extra shine to your hair. If you use conditioner on damp hair, your hair would get smoother. 
 Hair masks can help too
Many people say that hair masks can damage your hair but this is an incorrect assumption. If you use good hair products, your hair is never damaged. Once a month, apply a good hair mask on your hair and you’ll experience natural shine in your hair. 
Use egg white and oil
If you’re the kind of person who would prefer using home remedies instead of hair product, this is the perfect way to add shine to your hair. Take egg white and one tablespoon of oil and mix them.


Rub the mixture into your hair scalp and keep it applied for about one hour. Wash it after that and you’ll see immediate results of better hair shine. 

Apple cider
Another one of the things that you can use to make your hair brighter is apple cider. Apple cider is one of the most effective ways to brighten your hair. One tablespoon of apple cider mixed with water and applied to your hair at least once a week can make your hair look 1o times better than they were before. Remember to massage your scalp properly with the mixture and set it for 10-15 minutes before washing it. 
It may sound disgusting but Mayonnaise can also make your hair brighter. The reason behind it is that mayo has protein and amino acids in them that will help give your hair the glow you need. Use one and a half cup of mayonnaise and apply it on recently washed hair and then cover your hair with a hair cap. After one or two hours, wash your hair with cold water and you’ll have brighter hair in no time.
Also, if you actually are conscious about your hair then you must have sufficient knowledge on what to use on your hair and what not to use, if you want to know about the shampoo which won’t damage your hair then click here and free tips on how you can improve your hair health.


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