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9 Mobile Apps You Should Consider for A Brighter Data Analytics Career Ahead



Are you planning to be a part of the Data Analytics world? Wish to make a career as Data Scientist/Analyst?

With Data Analytics be the 25th Best job in America, and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning, looking forward to making a career in Data Analytics is a profitable decision. However, to become fit to the market and fulfil the needs of the business world, you need to work on different analytic skills and streamline your process for gaining better insights. While textual concepts and manual work might help, heading towards these mobile apps will for sure make you craft a better future:-

9 Best Apps for Improving Your Data Analytics Skills

1. Lumosity

Founded in 2005, Lumosity is one of the most enticing online programs to sharpen your mental strength. The app has somewhere around 40 fun games to aid you to improve our core thinking skills, including problem-solving, processing speed, logical reasoning, memory, reading and writing skills, and mathematics. It has an intuitive design and offers personalized programs for individuals, to ensure that you learn while enjoying.

The app is free for the first three 3 brain exercises. However, you will have to take a premium account to unlock the next levels and take your mental skills to the next level.

2. Elevate

With 35+ games and a personalized approach, Elevate has everything that proves it to be the best mobile app for boosting your cognitive skills. The online program enables you to work on your productivity, self-confidence, and other areas via practising 3 exercises daily. And the best part is that this mobile app adjusts the training program as per your skills and performance. That implies it will focus more on the skills that you are weak in, rather than paying attention to all the skills equally. In this way, it will speed up your process to grow and relish a better career ahead. You can join some mining firm or even a mobile app development company using this big data analytics tool.

The application is available for FREE, but you need to upgrade your account to employ all the resources and features of the application.

3. Neuro Nation

Neuro Nation is yet another impressive brain training application that enables you to unleash your potential. The application offers you 60 creatively designed exercises, with which you can work on your concentration, intelligence, memory, mental flexibility, logical thinking, and reading and writing skills. It also avails the opportunity to challenge your peer for a competition, and analyze your weekly performance.

The app, like other applications mentioned above, offers limited features and facilities for FREE. To get acquainted with the complete set of its features, you need to register for a premium account.

4. Learn Excel Full

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or expert in Excel, this mobile application is perfect to get an expertise in Excel. The app offers you a comprehensive set of tutorials, covering the basics of Excel, formulas, keyboard shortcuts, filtering, sorting, and more. It also facilitates numerous quizzes from basic to advanced level to help you test your knowledge and improve accordingly. In this way, the application helps you to hone your skills, manage your time and efforts, and remain updated with the market trends.

5. Termux

Termux serves you with a robust and interactive interface with a substantial Linux package collection. The app aids you with surplus features like running text-based games with frotz, projects with git and subversion, accessing servers, employing python console, and editing files with nano and vim to name a few. Available on the Android device, this mobile app helps the data analysts to keep their programming skills updated as per the market needs.

6. Probability Distributions

If you know the basics of Probability distributions and are looking forward to an advanced course, this mobile application is apt for you. The app provides the data analysts with in-depth knowledge about probability mass function for the binomial, geometric, hypergeometric, Poisson, and other such concepts.

7. Statistics and Sample Size

This Android mobile app is another great resource for those aiming for a brighter career in data analytics. The application let the users perform basic statistics as well as computer sample size for typical scientific studies. All you have to do is to upload your data file on this platform and wait for the result to be displayed on the screen.

8. Udacity

Udacity is one of the best online platforms to learn everything that is required for a successful career in Data Analytics. The platform, with more than 1M users, make you familiar with Data Analytics inside out, without struggling with boring textbooks or sitting next to your study table.

9. edX

Last but not least, edX is also a great mobile app to enhance your data analytics skills. The Android app serves you with a complete package of course videos and live expert guidance, making learning accessible and enjoyable in real-time.

The aforementioned apps are some of the mobile applications that you can use for improving your skills at Data Analytics and make a better future. If you know any app that you find crucial to be added to this list or have a query regarding any of the above apps, leave a comment below.