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Why Should You opt for Hydraulic Power Units?



Hydraulic power units play an important role to ease and smooth our every-day lives. Brakes of the cars are supported by hydraulic power, it is used by farmers to harvest the crops, and it is used in the fishing industry to lift heavy nets. In fact, any task that needs powerful and directional force repeatedly is dependent on hydraulic power units.

Operating Principle:

Hydraulic power unit consists of a motor, a pump and a reservoir that contains fluids. The valve stem of the motor is connected to the valve cone. This closes the seat ring in the closed position. If the valve stem moves upwards, the annular flow opening becomes large and the flow rate increases. All throttling devices in a pipeline locally narrow the flow cross-section. As a result, the pressure of the medium decreases, and the speed increases. After the cross-sectional constriction, the velocity returns to approximately the old value when the pipe diameter before and after the throat is the same. However, there is a permanent pressure loss. The geometric shape of the cone determines the flow characteristic. For cost reasons and because of the necessity of the controllability often one or two nominal size steps smaller than the pipe are chosen. The necessary adaptation to the flow conditions can be achieved by selecting the seat and cone.

Advantages of Hydraulic Power Units:

The wide distribution in many branches of the industry gives the hydraulic power units the following advantages:

  • The Dissolved Construction: the flexible connection between input and output and optimum structural adaptation to room specifications is an advantage. The connection between the motor and the pump is provided by tube and hose lines, which are largely free to install.
  • Modern Splash-Free Clean-Break Quick- Release Couplings: These allow a safe and clean disconnection of consumer and pump. The dirt and air entering the hydraulic system is minimized.
  • Step-less Speed: Step-less speed setting of the output within very wide limits, ensures easy reversal of the direction of movement.
  • Generation of Linear Output: Output movements with simple technical components lead to very high efficiencies.
  • Large Power: Hydraulic power units ensure easy generation of very large forces and torques. These are safe and provide fast acting overload protection by pressure relief valve.
  • High Power Density: comparatively small components are needed for high performance especially compared to electric motors.
  • Realization of Parallel Operating Translational or Rotary Output Elements: hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors have a primary part (pump) in a common system; this results in the action of a differential without further effort.
  • Long Life: These are highly durable because the fluid is self-lubricating and can serve as a cooling medium.
  • Simple Control: Control concepts ensure optimal utilization of the drive motor with greatly varying performance requirements of the working machine. These units also have high positioning accuracy and uniform movements due to the low compressibility of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Standardization: Standardization is ensured using standardized components, connection dimensions, installation spaces, etc.
  • Load Display: simple display of the load is ensured by pressure gauges.
  • Fast: These units are fast, but at the same working pressure slower than pneumatic, sensitive, uniform and have an infinitely variable cylinder and motor speeds. Friction in the actuators is reduced by hydraulic oils. Corrosion protection is provided by hydraulic fluid (except water). There is no electrical stray field of the drives.

Hydraulic power units are a very cost-effective and convenient source of power and can generate a huge amount of energy, which can ensure that your production or manufacturing processes run efficiently. It can be suggested that you should look for hydraulic power units if you want to have a fast, durable and economical supply of power. There are some highly reputed companies which specialize in these kinds of power units.

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