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It was in the early 1900s when marketing became a science. Since then professionals have strived to learn and invent new techniques to make a product reach its audience. Ages before there was any concept of the internet, people had been running their businesses.

Innovation being the prime in any field, evolving with time strategies improved. Resulting in greater audiences and renowned products. But as the audience increased, with it increased the chances of travesty and false modifications that may lead to the ruin of a product. The need for a proper logo raised, for authentication. Earlier people used to hire an artist who would spend hours putting the ideas of the company to paper, and sketch out a design that could represent the company’s motive and be attractive and engaging at the same time.

Tiring and time-consuming, isn’t it?

It was! But let’s jump to the late 20th century or precisely 1st January 1983 when researchers begin to assemble the network of networks and by 1990 we had the internet initiated as the World Wide Web.

The Internet has brought sparked a lot of competition between corporations resulting in the production of great ideas, that it’s exhausting to return up with a decent plan for our own logo. Our goal is to facilitate you, creating your own flawless logos with no difficulties. We have some pro tips sorted to help you out not ignoring free logo creators online.


Sometimes it’s smart to choose the old style and throw your ideas into a paper. You dot have to be compelled to be a designer for this. Simply take a pencil and scribble down.

Marketing strategies today are the evolution of previous trends that are implemented innovatively to suit organizational needs, such as TV ads and print, with new ways centered on inbound practices.


The human mind is extremely aware of visual stimuli, color being the major defining factor in that response. Color conveys meanings – on both conscious and subconscious levels.

There is way more to colors than we think, they have a powerful impact on our brain! Think about it – the colors you select for your brand will bound your audience to you, adding certain feelings to your brand.

Our list of some versatile color palettes are;

  • Blue & white
  • Black & Red
  • Orange & purple
  • Purple & pink
  • Black and Yellow
  • Blue & green

When making your logo it is important to keep in mind that your logo is expected to tell your story and reflect your future. Your logo should inspire your audience to seek what you offer and resonate with your brand and organization.


Everyone loves custom type. Although the race is, being unique. But a simple yet innovative logo holds its own ground some examples are; Nike’s ‘Swoosh’, googles ‘Google’ and Microsoft’s ‘Boxes’. There are the big tech giants that feature simplicity in their logos.

Keep in mind though that if your logo is popular enough, people can continuously attempt to rip it off.

Custom ideas help make sure that your distinctive logo can remain like that. Contemptible designers can cheat you and rip your hard work in a heartbeat if they discover your typeface, however, it takes some real talent to mimic custom hand-drawn cast!


Designing your first professional logo, a very exciting and amazing adventure it is though can easily turn into a disaster if you have wordiness. What needs to speak is your work, not your logo.

Avoid using long unhealthy company titles or taglines that may take much space and look like a mess.

Keep it short and definitive cause, believe me. I would only want to catch a glimpse on a logo and judge the company. Bitter? But True.


You might spend hours scrolling the internet, reading articles to best logo designs, hiring designers and spends way lot of money to get that unique and distinctive shape for your company.

I would recommend you to spare some time and relax, sit back or have a walk. Look at the world around. God is the best designer, maybe you will find something inspirational that will click your mind and become the logo of your dreams.

Because sometimes all you need is a good time alone and a walk in nature!

Keep all in mind and we hope that you will put yourself and your innovative mind, to get something out of these tips suiting your professional needs. Just know that a cool logo is all you need as a first impression for your audience. Design a GOOD ONE! Adios!!