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8 Tips to Prevent Your IPhone from Damage at the Beach

If your iPhone happens to breakdown while you are at the beach then don’t worry. Read this blog. Here are some of the tips to prevent your iPhone from huge damage.




As summers are approaching, now it is a time for a picnic, beach days and long nights. And there are many things that you should take care of, like your iPhone. 

Nowadays going to the beach is considered as a very cool and a famous activity. And most people love to click photos and post it on social media. That means your iPhone is regularly at risk when overexposed to surf, salty ocean water, sun, and sand. All these things can cause major loss to your electronic device. 

Above all of them, water damage could be the worst damage. It is not only destroying the screen but also impacting the battery. If your iPhone is damaged due to several reasons then you need to immediately repair it from an expert professional. If you don’t find any professional to solve your problem then you can opt. for iPhone repair. iPhones are very popular due to their portability, repair or replacing of these phones is a bit expensive but there are many other risks that include, losing the data.

Let’s discuss some precaution tips to prevent your phone from damage. So, you can use your phone until the next model is released. 

Use Water Resistance Case or a Dry Bag

There are a lot of ways for your mobile phone damage but water damage is the most commonly reported issue among iPhone users. Your iPhone is pretty much expensive and it is important that you want to do every possible thing to keep it safe. There is no benefit in spending a lot of money if you don’t care about your mobile phone. 

In the market, there are so many waterproof bags available. You can easily make use of water-resistant case and a dry bag to protect your iPhone from water and moisture. 

You should buy a protective and tight cover without excessive bulk. So, you can easily use it through the cover. Plus, you are able to click great photographs through the case.

Keep It Away From Direct Sunlight

Extremely hot and cold temperatures can damage your iPhone. Make use of your phone in excessive heat can damage the battery and other internal components. This can cause of loss data, screen damage, reduce battery life. Direct sunlight can heat the devices 15 degrees. 

Apple devices should be kept between 32 to 95F degree temperature. To protect your device from the shade of sunlight, you should cover it with a towel, or any piece of cloth. In case, you are device is overheated, move your iPhone to a cooler area and shut it off to cool down. 

Make Use of Anti- Glare Screen Protector

The screen is the most delicate and expensive part of the mobile phone. If you accidentally drop your phone, the screen is bound to crack. A cracked screen looks awful. To avoid your device from screen repair you should make use of Anti-Glare screen protector. This glass guard protects your phone from scratches. It also allows you to see your phone in direct sunlight without turning up the brightness, extend battery life and prevent your phone from overheating. 

DIY Things

No matter how many things we use to prevent your device until you Handel it well. Here are some things that expected out of your good handling

  • Make sure where you keep your phone, there is nothing pointed thing.
  • Always keep your phone away from Kids and pets.
  • Hold your phone with a strong grip.
  • Clean your screen and phone protector from time to time. So, you can avoid it from dirt and dust.
  • Always make use of case during rains to prevent your phone from physical damage.

Updates Apps Timely

Make sure to regularly update your phone. These updates contain new features and fix undefined errors. With regular updates, the mobile phone can perform optimally.  

Free Up Space

Pay attention to the availability of internal storage. All devices require some internal storage to operate itself. So, filling up so many apps and unwanted data can cause your device to run slowly or fail the functionality. Don’t use up to 90% of the internal space of your device. Once your device gets slow on internal storage, it will also stop the syncing of emails and updates. 

Here are Some Prevention Tips to Save Your IPhone from This Issue: 

  • Move your photo, music and video files to Google Drive or DropBox.
  • Remove the entire unwanted app because it sucks the internal storage.
  • Clear the cache. This will remove the temporary file from your phone but not delete your files or settings. 

 Turn of Ideal Apps

Always turn off all the apps that you don’t use like Bluetooth. They use a lot of power that can cause heat generation. As a result of the addition of sunrays, your iPhone might be damaged. 

Keep Out of Pockets

IPhone is much expensive as compare to other Smartphone. And the screen is the most essential and delicate part of the device. Don’t put the keys and coins in the same pocket because it can cause damage. Phones are pocket-friendly but it is not the safest place of your iPhone. If you happen to be wear loss clothes and you forget your phone is in your pocket than it is easy to damage, crack and shatter.

Turn off Your Phone

Turning off your phone is not only the best way to prevent your iPhone from overheating but also from getting damage. It also helps you while enjoying your weekend on the beach with the stress-free and chill mind. Instead of witch off your mobile phone completely, you can activate aeroplane mode. It also turns off all the data and phone access so, that your phone is keeping cool. 


Your iPhone is very expensive and sensitive devices. In which you can invest a lot of money. So, you need to take care of your phone. High temperature can permanently damage your mobile phones such as internal component and motherboard and battery overheat. With the help of these techniques, you can prevent your iPhone from huge damage.

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