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How to Edit Photos on Your iPhone

The best photo editor apps bring you easy solution to your biggest worry how to edit photos on your iPhone. Let’s review how these best photo editing apps for iPhone helps you edit almost any photo professionally on your device.



Top 5 best photo editing apps:

1. Affinity Photo :

The first in the list of best iPhone photo editor tools is Affinity Photo. This powerful iOS photo editor supports iPhone and iPad devices. You can use this nifty solution to render, retouch, adjust, and apply various filters on your photos. It offers all new way to interact with your photos with multiple photo editing features.

Features of Affinity Photo

• It offers live real-time editing features to deliver effective results.

• It provides full support for unlimited layers, adjustment layers, layer groups, masks, and filter layers. You can even edit live filters, adjust, apply effects, and blend modes easily.

• It offers advanced lens correction features including defringe, chromatic aberration, best in class noise reduction and vignette effects.

• It offers advanced brush engine with huge library of paintings, drawings, and textures.

2. Mextures :

Mextures if one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone that offers layer with textures and filters. You can use this smart photo editor for iPhone to apply dust & film grain, light leaks, textures, and beautiful gradients to your photos in seconds. It offers non-destructive workflow with multiple photo adjustment and editing features to deliver seamless user experience. It works on over 200 formulas to help you edit images with 1-click to save time.

Features of Mextures

• It offers over 150 textures and 12 different blending modes that adds a dynamic range of possibilities.

• It offers tons of editing features to perform overcomplicated adjustments and edits in few simple clicks.

• Here, you can save your edits and share it across web easily.

• It allows you to change any edit at any time even if you did it 30 steps ago.

3. Lens Distortions :

Lens Distortions offers ultimate effects library to deliver seamless results to modern image creators. Use this smart photo editing app for iPhone to harness the power of beautiful light, elegant overlays, natural elements to create amazing cinematic images. This free photo editing app for iPhone brings numerous photo effects and allows you to join LD Unlimited to unlock everything. With a quick swipe down, you can explore multiple filters and adjustments for seamless photo editing.

Features of Lens Distortions

• It offers Light Volume, Light Hits, organic rain, and signature overlays to apply multiple useful filters to your photos.

• It offers LD Unlimited to help you access instant access to the full library of photo effects. You can subscribe for this on monthly or annual basis.

• It keeps all edits and effects hidden in plain sight to deliver best results with your photos.

4. Afterlight – Photo Editor :

If you are passionate about high quality filters, then Afterlight should be your pick. It offers tons of useful filters, real film textures, and precise editing tools to transform your regular image into piece of art. It offers 7-day free trial offer before you go for a full feature editing features in a paid version. You can manage Afterlight membership in your account settings easily.

Features of Afterlight – Photo Editor

• It offers 130+ unique filters to get best photo editing results in one-go.

• You can access its 20+ advanced tools including touch gestures, saturation, lightness, selective hue, advanced curves, overlays, and more.

• Additionally, it offers 60+ textures & overlays, frames and borders, 150+ orginal designs, and 120+ hand-picked fonts for efficient results.

5. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor :

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor offers photo editing and pro camera features to get best out of this smart app. This free photo editing app for iPhone is simple yet most powerful photo editor for iPhone to deliver seamless user experience. Use this smart tool to become a better photographer and while creating beautiful photos through seamless editing.

Features of Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

• This single touch photo editor helps you make dramatic changes to your photos in few simple clicks.

• You can use its color mixer, curves, texture & dehaze features to perform easy edit to make pictures look marvelous.

• Under premium features, it offers healing brush, geometry, selective adjustments, RAW editing, batch editing, and more.

So, these were 5 best photo editor apps for iPhone you can try to transform your regular look photos into piece of art. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below.

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