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4 Reasons Why Bajaj Qute Will Replace the Auto Rickshaw



Bajaj Qute

But can it match the ruggedness of an auto-rickshaw? Here are five key reasons why the Bajaj Qute could replace the three-wheeler auto-rickshaw soon.

It Is Eco-Friendly

While Eco-friendly vehicles have never been head-turners in the Indian market, stricter emissions norms and rising shift to petrol or LPG options means the Bajaj Qute will have the edge over the traditional rickshaw. The Qute is the first Indian quadricycle to get European WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) from RDW Netherlands.

Additionally, the car emits just 66 gms/km of CO2, which is 40% lower than most small cars. This just makes a big bonus in a time when the Go Green initiative among citizens is on the rise.

Affordable Yet Feature Packed

Who wouldn’t want to ride in a rickshaw that is air-conditioned, has amazing speakers to play your favorite tunes and offers comfortable legroom? The Bajaj’s latest car is sure to give even the most well-maintained auto rickshaw a run for its money in the feature department. What’s more, the car can save you from all the smoke and pollution-filled air that is bound to be present in everyday traffic.

Additionally, the Bajaj Qute is feature-packed not just for passengers but also comes with a turning radius of 3.5 mm, making it very easy for drivers to maneuver. The running cost of the vehicle is just INR 3.2 to INR 3.5 per km, making it a great option in the long run!

Available in the Uber XS Category

If you are wondering when you may spot the Bajaj Qute in action in India, chances are it could be when you book your next Uber ride. Bajaj Auto has partnered with Uber to ensure the affordable, yet the smart urban commuting option is on the road sooner than later.

The vehicle will be available under the UberXS option and is available exclusively in Bengaluru before making a national impact.

Easy Finance Option with Bajaj Finance

If you think the one-time cost will be too much to bear, Bajaj Finance has an easy option to help you get the Qute right away.

The vehicle launched in Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Karnataka, the quadricycle is aimed at the Indian domestic market. The vehicle is available at INR 2.48* lakhs (ex-showroom) in India and could be cheaper with Bajaj pushing the RTO to get a fare structure to make it competitive with the rickshaw.

Bajaj Auto Finance offers the lowest bike loan interest rates and ensures you can buy the best in the class vehicle without pinching your wallet. With just a five minutes registration process, you can apply and get an instant bike or car loan to take home a vehicle of your choice.

Do you agree that the Bajaj Qute will replace traditional auto rickshaws to become the auto-rickshaw of the future? Let us know!