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6 Tips to reduce high bounce rates for your website




Looking to minimise your website bounce rate? But short of a perfect solution for it?

Don’t worry we have a solution for you.

In this article, my expert’s team and I collected six top working strategies to reduce your website bounce rate and boot up your conversions rate.

As we know if your website has a high bounce rate it means your conversation rate is low. And having a high bounce rate for your site means your rank in the search result will decrease, and your business will lose potential customers.

Before moving to any strategy first of all understand, what is bounce rate? And how you can diminish it.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the number of people visit your website and log out from the website landing page without any activity on your site and that a particular number of people is calculated in a bounce rate. It implies it is the percentage of web page visitors who go to your site and leave without doing any activity on your web page.

High bounce rate shows that site content is less informative for users.

It is imperative since this is a proportion of how individuals associate with your webpage, regardless of whether they are keen on your content and whether your website is accurately optimised.

What is the good practice to reduce bounce rate?

If you reduce the bounce rate on website pages that have the highest volume of traffic from your most astounding changing over the page and a more noteworthy shot of conversion.

#1 Improve Your Website Design

Your website design does make a difference. Your design and content should be eye catchy and informative for the visitors.

If your website is build using CMS programming like WordPress, then use the best premium themes, So that you can put resources to get you up for beautiful design.

The survey says that most of the people don’t visit the website which is build using complex features and navigation.

Important Tip for Website Creation

Sometimes starting a website creation from scratch is the better Idea because it gives you the freedom to change things according to your own choice.

#2 Look for a Right Keywords and Optimized Website According to it

Google search engine always shows the pages in its search result which can deliver appropriate answers to users according to the keywords inserted by them.

So it is essential to put the right amount of keywords in your web content, and the most important take good time in finding the right keyword for your business.

Tip for Keywords and SEO optimisation for your website

Keep in mind forget, before you distribute a page, watch that its title tag and Meta description consummately exemplify the content of the page with the goal that your visitors are less inclined to bounce.

And your keyword volume must be between low and medium volume. To find the keywords use Google Analytics or Ubersuggest by Neil Patel tools.

#3 Optimize Page Load Speed Time

If a website has a poor loading time, it means it will have high bounce rates because both load time of site and bounce rate is proportional to each other.

According to the survey 53% of visitors will bounce back for the page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

The slower your page load, the higher will be your bounce rate. Moderate destinations may wreck your business and discourage planned customers from purchasing from you.

So it is essential to decrease the load time of your website to reduce the bounce rate.

Here are a few different ways that you can enhance your site’s load speed time, but the most straightforward and quickest routes are to improve your site’s design by:

Rebuilding the number of components on your page

Utilise CSS rather than pictures

Merging multiple templates into one

Diminishing contents and putting them at the base of the page

Tip to reduce your website loading time

Before you are checking the content of your pages, first, approve your visitors can see them in an accurate measure of time.

#4 Keep Your Website Blog Updated with Fresh Content

Keeping your blog full with cutting-edge content will dependably create the best ROI.

Blog content typically has the most astounding bounce rates of all pages composes.

By including new and remarkable content, you’re gradually making the drive and building up trust.

Tip to follow for website blogs section update

Look to design your website blog section beautifully, and your content must be new, unique and informative to users it will diminish your bounce rate.

#5 Internal Linking

Internal linking is an excellent SEO practice to build your website position, and also help you in decreasing your website bounce rate.

Also, if you have a considerable measure of internal linking in your content, it will reduce your bounce rate. Like Wikipedia, they move the visitors from one page to another page within the Wikipedia


Start giving links to your internal page.

#6 Avoid Popups

According to the survey, 70% of user don’t like pop-ups on the website. If they see it, they bounce back for the site.

This creates a debate for many businesses that whether they should utilise pop-ups or not.

Moreover, popups have likewise been affirmed on a few destinations to build conversions and recruits to your email records significantly.

Some popups are all around pointed and designed, and they will change over visitors into buyers, which enhances conversion rates.


Well, recall forgetting that if popups do pester individuals, it could expand your bounce rate. So utilise them painstakingly.


Implementing the above strategy on your website will help you to build traffic, and which will reduce the chance to get a high bounce rate. If you can’t do these things with your own, then I suggest you digital marketing agency india for the work.