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Is Fiber Connection Really Better Than Cable for Gaming?




Online gaming is huge globally and as statistics clearly show is just as popular within the US as it is anywhere else. When it comes to internet services available within the US, one of the connection options offered is a choice between optic fiber connections and cable connections.

A question many potential gamers ask is which of these two connection types is best suited for gaming. With certain minor exceptions, the answer is fiber connections and we’re going to elaborate on why this is so.

What You Need for Gaming

When it comes to gaming it is not just speed or bandwidth you require but also other specifics such as reduced lag, reduced packet loss and lower latency.

We’re going to elaborate on how cable and fiber connections compare in this regard.

By Way of Speed and Bandwidth

When it comes to speed, due to the structure of how fiber works, there is not much difference in what you get between the two connections. Where cable speeds are slightly diminished in comparison, these are still quite adequate for gaming purposes. The same goes with bandwidth.

By Way Of Connection Quality

This is where fiber overtakes cable. There are a number of reasons for this. Fiber has been introduced more recently than cable, ISP infrastructures for fiber dependent ISPs are in most cases newer and better in condition.

Secondly, fiber does not deteriorate like cable does, hence, data loss and lag relating to line resistance is not really something to worry about. If you’re playing multiplayer real time games online, this aspect is key.

There are some cable-dependent ISPs who offer brilliant quality but this usually requires the use of boosters. Further, the infrastructure of such companies is usually in ship shape.

For the most part however, if you really want to have a good gaming experience, fiber is the way to go.

Winding Down

As we said, between the two connection types, fiber is usually superior however if you’re lucky enough to connect with the right cable internet service provider, that may work too. In any case, just make sure you only subscribe to ISPs you know are reliable. If you’re looking for reliable ISPs offering high speed internet for gaming in the US, there are companies that can help you with that.


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