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5 Tools And Strategies That Support Personalized Learning



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If we go through old school concepts there were certain listed topics you need to study and remember throughout your academic year. Our recent era doesn’t allow us to follow the same procedure. Fast-changing trends and fashions have become our requirements and needs. These daily based changes are responsible that we cannot stay at old school concepts.

This era has changed many daily life operations and needs of an individual. Similarly, our way of teaching and acquiring knowledge has also been evolved.

Personalized learning is one of the recent ways to develop or to find a hidden talent inside you at the right time. let’s understand what exactly is personalized learning.

What is personalized learning?  

Personalized learning is an approach related to education that believes in the customisation of the learning process. This customized learning is based on students with different skills and talents.  Each student is provided by a different plan to work throughout the class, according to its strength and interest.

Interest is the main element in personalized learning. Students are observed and are provided with tasks of their interest so that they can produce a good quality of work as per their interests.

How teachers can help in implementing personalized learning?

It is a difficult task for teachers to plan work activities for students throughout the week, month, half-yearly and yearly. It requires a lot of effort, time, and knowledge to complete such a task.

Only teachers can help to implement personalized learning. As they spend some time with students that help them to understand the skills, talent, strength and most importantly the interest of students.

Based on the interest of students, teachers then have to plan the activities based on the interest of students. Certain tools and strategies need to be implemented to support personalized learning.

The following are the top 5 strategies to support your personalized learning.

Teacher training

The very basic of implementing personalized learning is to train your teachers accordingly. Discuss and explain to them the whole process and requirements for personalized learning. Once they get knowledge and basic theory about personalized learning they can provide you with a smooth run experience.

Send them for special training programs about personalized learning that can help them to understand personalized learning in a professional and virtual environment. These professional training about personalized learning will allow them to be more creative about the daily or weekly activities they perform in the class.

Interference of students in their learning experience

Students should be allowed to take part in their learning process as that enables them to resolve queries in their mind for a better understanding of the subject.

The opportunity to speak throughout the class can make students develop and polish different skills. Implementation of a personalized learning system can help students set their short-term and long-term goals, regardless of their age and gender.

Opportunity to choose

The opportunity to choose doesn’t mean that every student will be provided with different end-result tasks. This means to perform a single task in many different ways, as per their strength, mind, and level of interest.

There are certain limitations comes in the mind while only doing one task in a specific and defined way. Don’t define the way to do it, ask students how to do that? By asking such questions you will be provided by different answers and solutions in all different aspects.

This allows a student to think and collaborating things in their own way keeping in mind the basics of the subject.

Ask students to teach

Another way of developing interest in students is to ask them to teach. There are some students in the class that are extra-ordinary in the relevant subject that you are teaching. 

These students are extra-ordinary because they have a deep interest in the subject, and asking them to teach is one of the best ways to provide the opportunity to polish their skills. Provide a certain task to students, ask them to teach a part of a topic based on their knowledge. 

This will create an encouraging environment in the class and will help other students to take an interest in the class. Another benefit associated with this is, that it will answer all the questions and queries in the mind of students.

Create flexibility

The environment plays a significant role in the personalised learning process. There are many things that we cannot learn from books but through experience. 

According to the research of expert essay writing service, Creating a flexible environment in the class can help students a lot towards new creative ideas. Seating arrangement in a row is an old school concept and limit the environment to be flexible. Students cannot create new ideas with limitations in the environment.

Allow students to change their seats as per their interest. This is a psychological effect that helps students to be creative through flexibility in the environment.