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10 Things You Need to Know About Wedding Preparation

Planning your wedding, whether you have two years or three months to do it, can be stressful.



Planning your wedding, whether you have two years or three months to do it, can be stressful. If you make endless lists in your head only to forget them minutes later, then this list created for you. In order for the organization of the wedding to turn into a pleasant and fascinating event, it is enough to observe simple preparation rules.

1. Budget Approval

Budget approval after choosing a dress and renting a restaurant threatens to cancel the honeymoon or revise the guest list because of a lack of money. The three pillars of proper organization are the budget, guest list, and venue. They also must be addressed in that priority.

2. Search for a Wedding Organizer

Some points of preparation can be provided only by a specialist. After the wedding, the bride and groom often realize that many things could be done better. The wedding organizer, who has prepared more than one wedding, will offer many useful tips.

3. Respect Your Contractors

If you find a common language with the contractor, then be sure that the wedding preparation will be as enjoyable as possible, you only need to respect each other’s personal boundaries. Describe with the organizer in advance the time for calls because, in order to schedule work with you, the contractor will need time to agree on terms with suppliers.

4. Plan “B”

Even if your wedding takes place on a clear summer day, consider a plan in case the weather changes. Unfortunately, no one is protected from this. Take care of this in advance and start your preparations six to nine months before the wedding day. Peace of mind at such a gorgeous day is incomparable with the cost of renting an awning and buying umbrellas.

5. A Wedding in Nature Is Not so Easy

Many people think that for a wedding in nature put a tent in the field is enough but you need to understand that for a wedding in nature, you will need to stock up on water, food, a generator, and fans. Do not forget that at the most crucial moment, wind can come and ruin your celebration.

6. Wedding Day Timing

Experts say that people are able to have fun for no more than 5 hours. In order this time does not decrease, think about pleasant things. For example, arrange chairs for the ceremony in advance so guests can sit down waiting for the beginning.

7. Optimal Number of Guests

If you want guests to feel comfortable at your wedding, correctly calculate their number. To do this, ask the restaurant representative how many people they can serve, and then reduce this number by 10%.

8. Make Your Wedding About You and No One Else

The thing is, this day will happen once in your lifetime. So stop thinking about what your parents, friends, and family want and for once in your life be selfish as this is YOUR day. This is the time for you to hold a partner in your arms, take a deep breath, close your eyes and picture what kind of wedding would be right for you. The kind that makes you truly happy and excited is your wedding.

9. Disagreement During Preparation Is Normal

Do not be surprised that in the process of organizing a wedding, you and the groom will have conflicts. The fact is that female and male views on problem-solving are fundamentally different. In addition, this is the first time you are preparing such a grand event together.

10. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Good Photographer

Sometimes the wedding photographer and videographer won’t be a priority to a future bride and groom but there are so many reasons why you should not leave the selection for an afterthought. It’s totally normal for couples to focus on the actual event, the location, the food, the decoration, etc because they know that it’s what will create this wonderful event.

But what will be left of it the next day (besides maybe a friendly hangover) and what about the next months? Next year? Of course, the memories will be in your mind but the wedding photos will take you back to it so vividly. This is what will keep your wedding day alive year after year.