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5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Hatta Mountain Tour For Your Next Vacation



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Dubai city has got the best places to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Add a weekend getaway above the rugged mountains to the Hatta in your vacation calendar and get lost in the Hajar mountains with a full day exploration of the lovely Hatta. The perfect altitude of this place offers a bit milder climate than the Dubai city making it the best place to beat the city’s heat.

There are multiple reasons why you should book a day trip or a weekend stay at this beautiful natural wonder. You can enjoy a lot here with biking, paddling, hiking, kayaking and much more.

Explore the Hatta village that will make you feel like you were in the 16th century. Pass through the changing scenery in your 4×4 from the fantastic Dubai skyscrapers, through the beautiful Hajar mountains, and across the untouched Omani desert. Take a scenic drive, and you will witness the mosques at Hatta villages, military towers, and building that was built mainly with mud, rocks, and reeds.

Stop at the 4-star Hatta Fort hotel on your journey back to have a delicious and mouth-watering lunch. Combine the vast desert land and the rugged mountains trip and explore these beautiful landscapes which are must-see places in Dubai.

Hatta Wadi Tour:

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The Hatta Wadi tour starts with an adventurous dune bashing drive in the desert and offers a combination of culture and thrill which will give you some fantastic memories. This excellent tour consists of many beautiful destinations providing fantastic sightseeing opportunities. You can take back home a lot of memories and Arbain treasures this way. Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Dam, and freshwater pools are some other exciting places that you witness during this fun tour.

As you drive, you will observe the color of the dunes vary from those of the reddish dunes. With a further drive along the dunes, you will visit the camel rocks. Don’t forget to stop at this lovely spot and take amazing photographs. You will be overwhelmed by seeing the lush green valleys and the seasonally wet river.

Hatta Mountain Safari:

Hatta Mountain Safari is ideal for nature lovers who believe there is something magic that nature offers to all of us. Relax on a beautiful day, keep calm and enjoy the culture of the best destination in Dubai. This is a thrilling off-road journey through the high Hajar Mountains. Take a road trip to Hatta through the adventurous terrains to have some fun and pleasant surprises and get mesmerized by the gorgeous Wadi and natural water pool which allow you to refresh and unwind.

Hatta mountain safari is the best activity for the adventure junkies desiring to have some exciting time full of fun. Ride the highest terrains on a 4×4 to have an adrenaline Experience like never before. You will love this tour with the mighty mountains and the beautiful landscape surrounding your route throughout the journey.

Witness the charming desert scenery of this place and river beds surrounded by the Hajar Mountains range. This trip will allow you to feel the refreshing breeze and the sheer tranquillity. Drive across the Wadis to have a look at the sparkling blue and green mountain pool and beat the hot weather thereby taking a dip in the water. The serene landscape around you consists of rocky canyons and the fossil rocks. Mountain biking is also a favorite and a popular activity here with an endurance challenge

Hatta Heritage Village:

The traditional Hatta Heritage Village allows you to step back in time and discover the ancient village.

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There is an old museum in this village which shows the 100-year-old huts and houses and lives of the people in the past. This quaint village reminds about the old costumes of the people who used to live here. You need not to miss this place as it teaches a lot about the Emirati culture. It also contains spectacular displays about the weaving, weaponry, etc. The disposition of the village is fantastic, and every chamber of the building provides an impressive description.

Explore this local village and its Portuguese fort, ancient houses, and local shops. The Friday market is also famous and sells fresh fruits, pots, carports, and much fantastic stuff. Take a break and visit the Hatta village to have a deep understanding of the old culture and enjoy the architectural feats.

Hatta Fort Hotel:

Another most popular attraction of Hatta is the Hatta Fort Hotel which has chalet-style rooms, fascinating swimming pools, and restaurants. Visit this hotel and have an insight into Portuguese architecture to witness the Fantastic Arabian architecture.

Relax, stay and eat at the Hatta Fort hotel which is in a lovely resort with 52 chalet-style accommodations and among walking tracks. The air-conditioned rooms feature LCD televisions and fireplaces while the private balcony offers fantastic views of the Hajar mountain range. Sofa beds are furnished in the rooms along with the premium bedding. You can enjoy the satellite programming, DVD players and wireless internet. The two outdoor swimming pools allow you to enjoy many recreational activities here. It also has a health club and babysitting.

There are two famous and fantastic restaurants in this hotel which provide delicious food, tasty lunch and cooked to order breakfast. Some other impressive amenities include complimentary newspapers, town car service, and dry cleaning. It also provides the meeting rooms and conference center for the big event.

You can have a sumptuous lunch here and then head over to the traditional local souks. Hatta Fort is a peaceful and quiet place that provides a short relaxing break and never changes.

Hatta Dam:

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The natural splendour of this pace is quite tricky to describe in words. Take a quick drive from the Hatta Fort Hotel to witness this picture perfect lookout which is calm from the hectic city life. Filled with turquoise water and surrounded by the beautiful mountains, it provides pleasant contrast and delights the visitor by its beauty. The real name of the Hatta Dam is Al Hattavi Dam. This dam controls the water supply to the region’s dwelling and plantations. Explore this breathtaking dam and the most significant water body of the area by kayak, water bikes, and paddle boats. There is a car area at the top of this fantastic dam and also a walking city. Take a short run, and you will witness the lovely lake with a little shade.

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Visit here and have a soaking time with the natural beauty of the area. Hatta Dam is exactly like how it’s sound and offers lovely scenery. Admire the beautiful view and enjoy the short walk trails. Take a boat and have a relaxing trip while enjoying the beautiful nature. It surprises the visitor as it offers something different than other excellent places in Dubai. This Dam is between the barren mountains and is a lovely place.

Final Words:

Although Dubai is known worldwide for its gleaming architecture, it offers a lot more than this. You can enjoy both on land and in the sea at this impressive city. If you intend to connect with the adventurous life, then plan an escape to the Hatta which is a perfect place to fulfill your thrilling desires. Off the road destination of this place provide amazing views and allow you to have a peaceful time appreciating the lovely nature.