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5 PR and Social Media Trends Every Business Must Follow



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Being part of a digital world, you can easily gain, share and sharpen your knowledge by just a click. As everything is now dependant on digitalization, business relationships and marketing don’t stay behind in this league. If you are looking for some best UAE PR agencies, it is imperative to know about the concept and tactics involved in the process.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR can be simply defined as the marketing of anything on any online platform. In technical terms, digital PR can be defined as a strategy or methodology that is used to encourage brand awareness, risk and crisis management and building some loyal customers. Digital Public Relations are very important means  for a business, as they enable an entrepreneur to reach a million potential customers and maintain their loyalty towards their business in a very cost-effective way.

A few years back PR was mostly known for the events only. In the 21st century, when the internet is in reach of every household, PR has been ramping on a digital platform.

Digital PR vs. Traditional PR

Traditional PR is non-measurable, time taking and not easily shareable. It is a very costly method. It is difficult to keep a track on every ongoing process manually. Digital PR has overcome all these problems by providing an easily measurable, immediate and shareable content with following aspects:

  • High population is using the internet: According to an available research report over 3.2 billion people are using the internet, either on smartphones or laptops & PCs. Smartphones are an essential part of today’s youth as well as of elder people. Using the internet on smartphones is increasing internet rates day by day. In this way, digital PR is the most convenient and easiest way to promote your brand, create awareness about your products and a way to directly connect with potential consumers and maintain their loyalty.
  • Creativity is supreme: Digital platform provides a showcase of unique creativity and leaves an impact on their targeted online population. People can get some knowledge while enjoying their online games or doing some online activities. They are always in search of something new. Unique and creative content attracts them. The best feature of digital PR is that in an online blog, article or any other post one can put their comments, explain their reviews and like and subscribed to their favorite one for further latest upcoming. Reviews are beneficial in analyzing future demands and current upgrades.
  • Consumer behavior/ psychology: People acts more under outside influence. The more marketing of a product can easily convince the target audience, as they become more familiar with the features of the product.

With the passage of time, every professional has to upgrade himself with new skills and knowledge bank to fulfill the changing demands of their occupation. It is also true for the field of public relations. To achieve a higher volume of targeted audience professionals should be aware of the following key tricks:

  1. Web Analytics: It is essential for a PR professional to analyze what, where and how he should invest his time, money and effort to get a good volume of a loyal audience. There are so many web analytics tools available in the market which can be used to get a more accurate idea about engagement, reach and results of your current PR approach.
  2. Influencer marketing: Anyone can use influencer marketing by associating with good bloggers. The Bloggers, which can write a unique, original and appealing content in such a way that everyone can understand the message inside it and make their mind to go for that. It should be helpful in analyzing the target audience, their influence, communications means and the platform they use widely.
  3. Social media ads: These social media ads are a great tool for creating loyal customers. Social media programs are designed with the aim to connect more and more people. People have relatively more active participation in social media apps, such as Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. These social media ads are successful tools to build up connections with targeted consumers.
  4. Crisis communication will become a must: Number of brands are suffering from unexpected crisis every year. Most of them do not have a proper plan to face or handle them. So brands will put their investment in crisis management and Risk handling policies.
  5. The additional press release is extinct: It is total a statement to write and distribute traditional press release with your all communication medium. Your press release format should be up to date with the current business environment. It must be more appealing with graphics, infographics, and original images.

The key feature behind every successful profession is a revolution. In this way, one should keep an active eye on the latest PR and social media tricks and techniques. Always consider some creativity and innovations in your PR and Social media planning and execution. There are many social media and PR agencies. Select the best social media agency in Dubai and be the competitive part of Digital PR  and social media marketing industry.