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Develop Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy in Five Simple Steps




If you own a business and are keen to expand it, what you need is an effective social media strategy. If you don’t have one, there’s no need to panic. A recent survey has revealed that almost 50 percent of businesses admit to not having a documented social media strategy. So, you’re not alone. compress image 4

While there might not be a reason to panic for not having a social media strategy for your business, but there definitely is reason for you to worry because running a business without a social media strategy is as good as gambling. In today’s digital age, a purposeful and strategic social media strategy is absolutely necessary to up your game. This may sometimes require seeking the services of a professional social media agency UAE being the destination where you can find a number of such reputed organisations.

So, let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure to formulate an effective social media strategy.

  1. Make it authentic

Trying to sell a prepackaged voice to the consumer is never going to work. Instead, using authenticity to craft your brand’s voice and reflect who you are as a brand is sure to appeal to a number of customers. To incorporate authenticity in crafting your brand’s voice, you first need to:

  • Define your brand goal, and
  • Contemplate what makes your brand unique.

Then, you need to use appropriate captions, hashtags, and references, and be consistent with the voice you’ve chosen for your brand.

  1. Image requirements for a logo

If you don’t already know, you need to be aware that social media platforms have strict image upload requirements. Therefore, so that your brand’s logo is legible when viewed on a smartphone, make sure it doesn’t have too much text or detail that is difficult to decipher on a small scale. However, if it does have too much detail, it’s recommended to create a secondary logo design for social media, as secondary logo designs remove elements that can be difficult to read on a miniature scale. Also, after posting images on your social media, always take a look at them to make sure they are readable. Make a quick edit if they’re not.

  1. Relevance and consistence

Social media posts always need to be consistent as well as curated. They ought to have relevance to your brand. It means that while sometimes you’ll need to share your content, at other times you’ll have to share relevant content that fits within your industry. This is important if you want your brand to be seen as an authority in the marketplace. Scheduling your content in order to have consistent posts is also equally important. Erratic posting schedules can make followers leave the page.

  1. Make your brand recognisable

Brand recognition helps achieve increased touch points, which leads to greater sales, which in turn, means enhanced profits. Brand recognition can be achieved if you design ads using your brand’s style guide. Your brand’s style guide should detail the types of visuals allowed as well as your colour palette i.e. all the colours that can be used when creating new graphics.

  1. Accessibility

Your social media profile should provide customers with all the information that they need to learn more about your brand. Let people know what your brand is all about (products and/or services). Make sure your bio is completely filled out with links to your website. Every social media platform that carries your profile should have a link to your site as well as a contact number for your brand.

It may not always be easy to follow all the above steps for putting a social media strategy in place. To ensure you’re getting the most benefit from your social media, you should engage with a reputed social media agency in Dubai which could accomplish all the steps for your brand. For expert agencies of great strategies for social media, Dubai is the ultimate destination. Many digital agencies in Dubai offer highly effective social media strategies that drive growth as well as profits.