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How to Sustain a Thriving Business with Attendance Management Software




Attendance monitoring and presence information maintaining is a system which has to be real-time processed for its best utilization. Being vulnerable is the weakest point of manual attendance management that was used a decade ago by the companies to manage their employees. This traditional means we’re prone to tampering of data and processing the unethical practices which inhibited the ways of proxy marking attendance and favoritism through which the companies were making a heavy loss. The employees were unethically punching their buddies attendance and many of them were getting favoritism from the human resource that leads the company to a hefty loss-making statement. To efficiently avoid these kinds of problems automated attendance management system was implemented which help the company in making necessary changes that will formulate regularity of human resources. Punctuality is the best policy which makes the performance of any business organization rise to a considerable level where it will be leading in the business domain. A business in the modern age which has invested in advance attendance automated solution will be experiencing a seamless integration with the workforce. Adopt for getting following benefits and making your hr free from excessive burden and responsibilities.

Reliability and Accuracy:

Modernization in the industries have also improved the way employees and the organization interacts and functions with each other. A hike in reliability and accuracy is been observed with the implementation of an automated employee’s attendance management solution. These are the software that uses cloud-based technologies and biometric devices to verify the employees punching data to be authentic and must be remunerated as per the company’s rules and regulations. The security concerns which were arising due to the manual intervention of the employees and human resource were successfully eradicated by the use of these automation tools.

Being Integrated and Cost Efficient:

A solution is said to be effective when it is being implemented easily and with a low cost of implementation. It will be helpful in adopting for all sort of organizations ranging from startups to MNCs. A software and hardware integration to the existing resources will allow the business to save a lot of costs and makes the system pocket-friendly. The cost which is saved can be utilized in better purpose to research and develop things which will help the company in future achievements. Existing biometric device integration is possible with advanced attendance management software which will allow the company to optimally utilize their resources. The software like the database which consisted of all the employee’s data can also be inherited which will prevent the unnecessary data entries and effort.

Policy Integration:

Every company maintains its employee’s punctuality and discipline through a set of rules and regulations that are binding their employees to maintain standards. These set of rules can also be integrated within the attendance system and the intelligent solution will make sure the processing is done as per the company’s policy. These policies are based on the employee’s category which signifies the shit timings, location details, punching restriction and many other attendance-related variables which are very important while processing the presence.

Deep Insights:

There might be scenarios where the human resource and higher level management are required to have reported of all the employees for distinguishing the punctual employees which will be rewarded for their regularity. Through the software, management will have a deep insight into the analytics and can also make required policy changes for improving the employees who are not punctual on their work. AI-based attendance management software is the one which will automatically report the concerned persons regarding the attendance data of the organization.

Real-time Tracking and Geo-based Attendance:

As discussed in the beginning attendance management is useful only if it is done on a real-time basis. Attendance automation is a tool which will help in achieving the real-time attendance data from all the office location that can collectively be viewed as a centralized system. With the trending of mobile devices and geolocation services, the company is leveraging these techs along the HR Software to have next-generation monitoring. This is possible through restricting the workforce by creating virtual boundaries in the system and the employees have to be physically present in the predefined boundaries to punch their attendance. This enabled the companies to make sure the employees are visiting their office or client location on a given period of time.

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development