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5 Amazing Ways for Image Link Building



People love visuals. Images are far better than regular texts. Images are the most efficient way to disseminate, build your brand, attract links to your website, and gain your visitors’ interest. “Link building is not just link building. It’s relationship building.” A picture can replace a thousand words and a thousand links when it comes to the marketing field.  A single relevant, valuable image can earn lots of referring domains. But link building via image is not an easy task. It requires lots of creativity, perfect tools, and curiosity. So I will describe here the successful ways to use images for link building. There are many types of images like infographics, memes, graphs, photographs, illustrations, typography, cinematography, etc. which you can use for link building. Let’s begin the description of the strategies and ways to build links through images.

Link Building through Infographics

what is an infographic

Infographics link building is one of the most effective ways of image link building that has grown its popularity in past few years. There were huge spikes regarding links, social shares, visitors count, and brand mentions through this wonderful technique. Online marketing is getting more saturated day by day by this approach. There are many ways through which you can get quality links through Infographics:

● Social share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
● Provide embedded codes for easier linking.
● Sending email outreach to bloggers who might found your infographic exciting and useful to their readers.
● Paid advertising on Reddit’s sponsored links and Stumbleupon.
● Submitting your infographics on infographics directory sites to gain backlinks, social signals and promote your infographics.

Link Building Through Memes


Memes are the social ideas that have the potential to go viral. It can make people laugh and get your message reach to their mind too. It’s easy to create even and can strike through your target audiences if your message is unique and humorous. Memes can be of great use for link building, your brand’s promotion and traffic. Read below to know the steps of using the method of memes for link building:

● First is the creation. You can create your meme by using online tools like Photoshop, and free tools like Quick Meme, and Meme Generator. They can help you create your meme in just a few seconds.
● Now you can share your meme via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google Plus, Tumblr and Pinterest and make your meme go viral.
● You can use your memes on content distributions like guest blogs, ebooks, presentations to build solid backlinks.
● You can even create video related memes and can submit  YouTube, and other traffic sources for better results.

Link Building on Pinterest


Pinterest is an image-based social media site and is the best place to share your images for link building. Pinterest can drive more traffic and sales than any other site. You can use Infographics, Memes, Typography, and Product images on Pinterest. Here is how to do the link building on Pinterest efficiently:

● Check out the most pinned images relevant to your niche and industry. You will get insights and the types of images that work best for your community.
● You need to create a strong follower base by getting them from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Follow active users in your niche by tracking people who pin or repin popular images relevant to your categories. You just need to build interactions with their submission by repinning which will benefit your campaign on reaching out to them.
● The more you have your compelling images shared, the better changes would be there in getting them repinned.
● Take care of the timings of submission of your images. 7 am to 5 pm is the best time because the site has its highest activity between these timings.
● Do a manual research and outreach people in your niche. Send them a message asking whether they are interested to see your images or not. Share relevant, quality, and valuable images to increase your outreach’s repin rate.
● Use relevant keywords for your pins, boards, and descriptions.

Share Your Image to Other Websites

You can approach webmasters and gave them permission to use your images and ask a link to your site in return. This is a highly effective and proactive method to build links.

Originals always win the race. If you have your blogs with original photographs, then this technique is effective and beneficial. There are lots of niches like travel, fashion, food, home, decor, etc. which needs original photographs. You should target actual business websites relevant to your images collections because targeting website works far better than targeting blogs and it drives far better results.

You can get your target website’s information manually, or you can upload your targets to BuzzStream and leave rest to them to do it for you. Now pitch your targets through a valuable and attractive message saying you run a blog that focuses on for example food stories. You have a collection of original photographs and the team of talented bloggers around your continent. Ask them if they can partner up with you to deliver a better experience to their visitors and audience. End up with your website address, and owner name.  This powerful technique can bring you one powerful link.

Link Building through Reverse Image Search

Image search google

You must have seen many websites who are using your images that you own the copywriter. You can ask them to credit you a link. Just search for the sites who have used your images without permission and gain links. So how can you do that?

You can use Google’s reverse image search process and then do any of the following options:

● Upload your image to find all possible matches.
● Enter your image URL.
● Use keywords in Google image searches like your image file name or your brand and logo.

You will then get the list of websites using your image and can ask them to credit you with links. This is an effective process to gain links to your site.


All the above methods can help you get backlinks to your site. But there are many website owners still now Many website owners are still unaware of image link building methods. Employing them will give you opportunities and advantages over your competitors. Start gaining links through these effective methods if you haven’t started yet.