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10 Rich Foods in Omega 3



If you are a person who wants to feel good at all times and protect the cardiovascular system you should increase the intake of omega 3.

This element can be obtained both in food and in supplementation.

Omega 3 is the type of fat you should consume daily in your diet.

This is because it is healthy since it does not affect the functioning of the heart. It also does not clog arteries or have an incidence of cholesterol levels.

There are many foods that have a high omega 3 content.

Both vegetable and animal origin, so it does not matter if you are vegetarian or vegan you can take it to your body naturally without having to resort to supplementation.

Of course, there are some foods that have a greater or lesser concentration and in Full Muscle, we are going to leave you a list of which ones have it in a higher concentration and that you should incorporate as soon as possible to your diet.

These are the 10 richest foods in Omega 3

These are the 10 foods rich in omega 3 that we recommend for you:

1) Fish of the blue family

If there is a food group that is very rich in Omega 3, it is the fish and those that belong to the blue family much more.

With only a portion you will already be meeting the minimum requirements of the day.
Among the fish of the blue family that you can eat regularly are salmon, sardines, anchovies and mackerel.

Not only will you benefit from a large amount of omega 3, but also a series of nutrients that allow your body to be and feel good.

All of them are very low in fat, but rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus, in addition to a series of vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

They will lower your cholesterol and your heart will not have to the workforce.

All of them are high-quality proteins, one of the most important food groups that exist.

You will not believe the number of benefits it brings to your body and your health to include fish in your diet.

Thanks to this you can also control blood pressure, which is good news for the heart.

These fish are easily obtained in the markets and it is not a problem to incorporate them into the basic diet of the people.

They also help to have a healthy and specially balanced diet.

2) Nuts

Nuts in general are a good source of healthy fats. And they are ideal as a snack.
But if what you want is omega 3 in specific the nuts are your allies since they contain a great concentration.

They will help you with its anti-inflammatory effect and also with the blood coagulation.
In what you should be careful is with the portions. Since they are high in calories so the ideal is not to go over a handful.

If you prefer figures do not exceed 5 per day. Especially if what you expect in losing weight.
It helps to lower not only the cholesterol in the blood but also triglycerides. It also contains many vitamins and minerals that are important for the body.

The only forecast to take are the portions.

So much is the concentration that in 100 grams of nuts you can find 2,500 mg of omega 3.

The problem is that you cannot eat so many nuts in a day because of its high caloric content, that’s why you need other foods.

3) Green leafy vegetables

The green leafy vegetables are another source of omega 3.

These being of vegetable origin are ideal for all types of people especially for vegetarians and vegans who do not consume any type of food that comes from the animal kingdom.

Within these green leafy vegetables are:
Spinach, chard, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower are also very helpful.

All of them with only a few minutes are already cooked and are a high source of vitamins and minerals.

Their concentration is very high and you can combine them with a series of vegetables that are healthy.

In spinach, you can get about 300 mg of omega 3 for every 100 grams of this leaf.

That also has the good news that they have little and no calories so you can eat without problems.
Brussels sprouts have more than 400 mg.

All these vegetables also have antioxidant properties that help with the proper functioning of various organs such as the kidneys and liver that are so important to the body.

4) Avocado

Avocado or avocado is another of the foods that possess that healthy fat. It provides the body not only with energy, but also helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

It has a large amount of omega 3, the only forecast with it is a large number of calories it has, so you have to take care of the portions.

You know, there are many reasons you have to eat avocado.

5) Flaxseed oil

Oils made from seeds are very rich in omega 3.

Of all of them, the one of flaxseed is the one that has it in its greater concentration.

In fact, it contains the most, since it is 7,100 mg. Just having all of that requires a large consumption, which is not necessary.

This oil can be used in multiple ways so there is no greater problem of incorporating it into your healthy and balanced diet.

But if cooking with it is very complicated then the best way to incorporate it into your diet is through supplements:
Also, canola has many omega 3 and 6.

It is another variant that you can use since it is very good at lowering blood cholesterol levels.

When you use flaxseed or canola oil, it is ideal as a dressing in salads or on vegetables. It is not recommended for frying because it destroys all its properties.

6) Chia

Chia seeds contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are very important.

One of them is the omega 3 that will help you to have a healthy heart.

It is another of the options that people who are vegetarian and vegan have. Also for those who try to lose weight.

Chia seeds can be added to different types of foods.

For example in yoghurt and salads to mention the two most common.
It will help you with satiety due to a large amount of fiber it has.

Great news for those who want to get rid of those extra kilos. Avoid constipation and fluid retention.

7) Pumpkin and its seed

Pumpkin is another of those very nutritious foods that we can find.

In addition, their seeds also have a large number of vitamins.

In both, you can get a great concentration of omega 3.

In 100 grams you can find more than 115 mg of this nutrient that is so beneficial to the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

You can prepare a cream or puree with it. Also, add it to soups to increase your intake of vitamins.
One of the ones that have more in its concentration is the C and with it goodbye to the flu.

8) Hemp seeds

Other seeds that are your allies when it comes to incorporating omega 3 in your diet are those of hemp, they are very good.

It also has many vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system.

You can add hemp seeds to bread and cookies.

Also in foods that need a cooking time. That way you can have a healthy heart, that works correctly.

9) Beans

Beans of different colors such as white, red, green and black contain a large number of vitamins, including omega 3.

They also have a lot of calcium and iron that strengthen the immune system.

For example, white beans have more than 1,000 mg of omega 3 for each serving you eat.

So you’re going to bring a lot of concentration to your body every time you ingest it. They also contain fiber and stimulate the intestinal system.

So it has multiple benefits for the health of people when you ingest them constantly.

10) Eggs

Another protein that contains a large amount of omega 3 are eggs. With eating one day you can meet daily requirements.

Not only does it help with the cardiovascular system but it also contains a lot of iron and calcium, which is good news for the bones.

With a constant consumption of eggs, you will not have to worry about arthritis as well as inflammations that can cause a lot of pain.

In addition, eggs are one of the best foods rich in protein that you should include in your diet.

Your heart will be much healthier

If you incorporate all these foods to your basic diet you can meet the daily requirements of omega 3. This nutrient is very important for the body. Especially for the cardiovascular system, which is one of the most benefited.

Omega 3 helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides which will allow you to have a very healthy heart.


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