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How To Send Email Anonymously



Sometime we need to send email someone. In every case we popular email server like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook etc. But today I will discuss about how to send E-mail anonymously.

What is anonymous?
Anonymity, adjective “anonymous”, is derived from the Greek word ἀνωνυμία, anonymia, meaning “without a name” or “namelessness”. In colloquial use, “anonymous” is used to describe situations where the acting person’s name is unknown.


Sometime we need to hide our profile, that time we can use anonymous Email. Here I will tell some site name from where you can send anonymous Email to anyone who has an email id.
Here I have given the website from where anyone can send e-mail anonymously.

1) TorGuard

2) Tor Mail

3) GuerrilaMail

4) Secure Mail

5) The Anonymous Email 

    Send Emails Without Registration

    Sometimes you just need to send emails without registration. In fact you don’t even need to receive any feedback. Note that there is no way for the receiver to get back to you.


    2) 5ymail

    3) CyberAtlantis

    4) W3 Anonymous Remailer

    5) Send Anonymous Email

    6) Send Email Message 

    7) AnonEmail 

      Receive Emails

      1) Anonymous Email – Hide My Ass!

      2) myTrashMail

      3) NotSharingMy.Info

      4) Mailnesia

      5) Mailinator

      6) Spambog

      7) TempInbox