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Why it is Absolutely Necessary to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search SEO



Today, applications of Voice Assistant is everywhere. It is powering mobile users to access information online and performing some tasks like never before. In the U.S., the use of voice assistants is expected to grow by 128.9% by the end of 2019. Over 35.6 million Americans are using the voice assistant services once a month. The numbers speak itself that Digital Marketing is under a dramatic transformation. While the growth beyond positive, it is a challenge for all online marketplaces.

Will this AI (Artificial Intelligence) based service changes the world of Digital Marketers? – A big YES. Optimization of the content will not be the same as previous, there will be the major changes according to voice searches. The Voice Searches will only give the most related answers to a query. Now it is more important to use natural conversational language, also the long phrases, as well as the full sentences as a keyword. This demands for a change in your Digital Marketing Strategies.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization paving its own way and every web owner needs to deal with it. The emerging technologies transformed the way of interaction between Mobile and People. Whether you want to search for flights, book a cab, or searching for a perfect outfit. It is more fascinating to raise voice queries rather than typing a long phrase. With the introduction of Siri, people were more attracted towards making voice-based searches. Siri is not the only available option here, there are other Voice Assistant devices that will help you uplifts your SEO. Following are the most popular Voice Assistants of all time.

  • Apple’s Siri
  • Google’s Assistant
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Microsoft’s Cortana

Sticking to traditional typing methods will not give you any long-term positive results, in fact evolving with the trends and technologies will help your business a big time. Now, the point is how these devices are enhancing your online presence.

  • Google predicted that by 2020, almost 50% our searches will be voice-based.
  • In a survey of SEO trends for 2017 and beyond, voice search stood at the third spot.
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai, announced that 20% of the queries on Google are voice searches.

You will be surprised to know that how people are using Voice Searches on a regular basis. Today, it is a million dollar question, Why SEO should Care About Voice Search? – Statistics shows, voice search is going to take over the text searches. At some point in time, it feels entertaining just like you’re having a conversation with your friend.

Let’s see, how Voice Search is different from Text Searches…

Voice Searches are fast

Voice Searches are fast

A person’s average typing speed is 30-40 words per minute, whereas they can speak up to 110-150 words per minute. 3.70x faster than Typing. Thus the keyword lengths will be more and an alarm for Digital Marketing Companies.

Voice Searches are longer than Text Searches

Almost all of us does not type full sentences while searching, we prefer short phrases to save energy and time.

Something like: “Nearby Theatre running Avenger Infinity War”

While taking to Voice Assistant you end up using natural language that is longer than the keywords you type.

Something like “Which movie theatre in Delhi is running Avenger Infinity War right now?”

According to MOZ, the voice-based queries are longer than the text-based search. Voice Searches mostly start with question phrases. On the other hand, while typing, we used to skip question phrases, only use keywords. Thus, equating Voice Search SEO using long keywords in your content, is the biggest mistake. Instead, include common question phrases. Keyword search tools usually won’t be able to find question phrases that we speak while using voice assistants.

Voice Searches are longer than Text Searches

Image Source: MOZ

Now lets see, How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO…

Majority voice queries contain local Information

Googles’ AI developers said, voice searches are 3 times more about the local information than text searches. As a matter of fact, voice search for “near me” has crossed 130% this year.

Henceforth, when you are optimizing your website for local SEO, ensure that you use the contact as well as physical address details. Voice Assistants and local markets, both are somehow interconnected and affecting your overall SEO strategy.

Indeed, voice search will change Online Marketing. Now if you never wanted to leave the competition, definitely you need to start optimizing your website for voice search SEO for the next Digital Marketing Plan. And to be at the top of search results, the prime requirement is to get the right keywords. You will get more business by adding some more keywords to your SEO strategies. Following details will help you attract local people and your Digital Marketing Services.

  1. Add ‘Near me’ or ‘specific location’ in your title tags, internal links and metadata
  2. Add as many possible landmarks around your business location, also set your Google Map location.
  3. Add a precise ‘About Us’ section to your website.

People are getting more impatient

One of the foremost reasons for the growth of voice-based search is, it is like using a personal assistant. Kids and old-people eventually love voice assistants, because they always wanted to avoid using complex smartphone applications. Moreover, typing is time-consuming.

It felt amazing to see my 5 years old niece, pressing a home button on iPhone and said, “Siri, please call my dad” – Siri replied “Sure” and a few seconds later she was talking to her dad.

All we want is particular information or wanted to perform some task without much effort and that too within least possible time. As the users seek for immediate results, do not expect them to visit your website. How will SEO leverage this characteristic for Internet Marketing?

  1. As the first-hand information matters a lot, update healthy contact details and try to maintain positive reviews.
  2. Use structured information and find the right questions to answer.
  3. Get your main content featured in Google SERP’s Featured Snippet.

Your presence in Google My Business listing

We have already seen, the voice-based search is mostly local queries. If you want to help your customers find you? Do share the business information in the websites’ footer. There are two possible ways that lead you to the local users.

  1. ‘Restaurants in Delhi”

To appear in searches like this, you need to optimize your website for local keywords.

  1. “Restaurants near me”

To appear in searches like this, Google relies on the user’s geolocation and fetch data from Google My Business listings.

Now, it is crystal clear that Google My Business listing is essential for your business.

Create FAQs answering your customers’ questions

People speak various keywords to get information about your products, services, and business. Sometimes the specific jargon creates a problematic situation. Also for a single product or services, they ask different questions but the meaning remains the same.

In such cases prepare a list of FAQs wisely, and provide specific answers. By creating such content regarding most significant customers’ questions, will increase your chances of appearing higher in voice-based search results.

Wrapping up:

By keeping all the characteristics in mind, let’s start with redefining Digital Marketing and SEO strategy to optimize for voice search. The exact future of Voice Assistants is unpredictable. However, the current situation is witnessed, it is gaining considerable tractions, and not slowing anytime near. Indeed, it is a necessary for Digital Marketing to hire Digital Marketers that start understanding the power of Voice Assistant and, will start revising SEO services

As search engines are evolving at a rapid pace, so must we. It is really very crucial to have quality traffic onboard. But, with Voice Search SEO, you will get a truly amazing technology that builds a way for a better and bright business future. Undoubtedly, it is immensely loved and admired by people of all age groups.