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Why is it best to buy insulation mats made of customized elastomers?



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Why do you think insulating mats made of customized elastomers have a greater advantage over normal electrical checker mats? What makes it different compared to the rest of the rubber mats? If you are dealing with a high voltage workplace, then an insulation mat composed of customized elastomers remains the inevitable choice! This kind of safety rubber mat provides enhanced safety for electrical workers and laborers by acting as a protective gear for them from electric shocks.  

Rubber remains one of the best elastomeric materials in the world. Even though natural rubber still has insulation properties to a minimal extent, it cannot be stamped as 100% shock-proof when workers are dealing with live electrical equipment. Simply think of a generator room dealing with such high voltage and a low-quality electrical checker mat built on out-dated safety standards being applied on the floor. It might put the lives of workmen at risk. Why take a chance when high-quality electrical rubber mat is available readily for purchase.  

Types of Elastomers

Elastomers especially can be classified into two types. They are;

  1. Natural Rubber
  2. Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is derived from polymer materials and natural rubber is transformed into synthetic rubber through the vulcanization process which makes it stronger and resistant to high voltage thus preventing users from electric shocks. Synthetic rubber remains the best example of customized elastomers. 

Role of customized elastomers in insulating mats

Customized elastomers remain the backbone of an insulation mat when it comes to providing improved protection for electrical workers from electric shocks. Electrical mats made up of customized elastomers such as Safevolt Insulation mats and X-Volt insulation mats provide greater non-conductive matting which plays a vital role in preventing the flow of electrical energy from the electrical source to earth through the human body. This kind of protection from electric shock cannot be guaranteed from an electrical mat made up of natural rubber, which even though is economical but not as safe as is 15652 electrical rubber mat that is durable, strong, and high voltage resistant.

Role of insulating mats in ensuring electrical safety

Both types of electrical insulation mat have been manufactured based on the latest Indian standard IS 15652 2006 and the technically advanced features ensure the product is built to perform best under stringent conditions. This type of insulating mats composed of customized elastomers which are a combination of rubber, elastomeric compounds and PVC has been built of superior quality and works perfectly in preventing the current leakages that may occur while working on AC or DC installations. These types of mats are also BIS approved and type-tested by third-party testing agencies.  

Most popular insulating mats made of customized elastomers

The two most popular insulation rubber mats for the electrical panel room in India are X-Volt insulation mat and Safevolt Insulation Mat both of which features customized elastomers. 

X-Volt Insulation Mat

This type of insulation mat is available with anti-skid textures that prevent slippages and also customized colors which makes the insulating mats look visually appealing in your workplace. Before choosing this type of superior quality mats made up of elastomeric compounds, the electrical rubber mat suppliers may ask for certain information to identify which type of rubber mat for the electrical room matches the best. 

The information the supplier may ask the customer includes;

  • The thickness, width, and length of the electrical panel room
  • The working voltage or class

You can also suggest the rubber mat supplier with the design you require along with the color and total quantity. Customers will have the option to choose from various types of X-Volt insulation mats from electrical rubber mat suppliers including X-Volt extra-safe and X-Volt ultra-safe insulating mats that are designed to offer enhanced durability and protection for the users from unexpected electrical shocks. 

Safevolt Insulation Mats

Safevolt Insulation Mats are suitable for customers looking for a safety rubber mats with great aesthetics. Safevolt also has approval from third-party testing agencies such as CPRI and ERDA which are an essential requirement for high voltage insulating mats. This type of insulation mats composed of customized elastomers is available along with the manufacturer’s test certificate for its ability to withstand stringent conditions.

Extensive Features


Insulation mats made up of customized elastomers provide extensive features also making it one of the best in the industry. Both X-Volt and Safevolt insulated rubber mat are manufactured as premium grade electrical safety mats complying with the safety requirements of Indian standard IS 15652:2006. Customers can be assured of lower maintenance costs in the long run. Insulation mats made up of customized elastomers have greater durability ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 years. Installation can be done easily with adhesives. Thanks to its hassle-free paste-on properties. 


In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, various other features make it the best type of insulation mats to purchase. They are alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, and oil resistant. They feature enhanced elongation capabilities and better tensile strength too. Both these mats are also easier to clean and features adequate flexibility. 


There are various application areas for insulation mats made up of customized elastomers. However electrical rubber mat is preferred the most by customers for applying near the switchboards, power plants, power transmission rooms, electrical sub-stations, high voltage panels, within lift control gear rooms, and areas where electrical technicians will have to work on the opening of the electrical panels as well as wires. All working personnel must wear insulating boots, gloves, and jackets while working with live electrical equipment, but an electrical rubber mat composed of customized elastomers is a mandatory requirement as it assures enhanced protection for electrical workers, technicians, and laborers from electric shocks.