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Why do Businesses fail to generate Leads via Social Media Platforms?



In this modern era, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. get deemed as a lead generation tool. The primary reason behind this is social media sites increase the probability of generating leads up to 76%.

According to recent survey results, 48.9% of B2B marketers believe that public platforms play a crucial role in increasing the movement of leads in the sales funnel, which consequently, amplifies the possibilities of faster lead conversion.

Generating leads through social media websites aren’t tough as compared to other lead generation tactics. But, businesses often struggle while generating leads via social media sites, and that’s why they mainly bag B2B call centre services of a reputed vendor.

Here’re 3 most cited reasons why companies fail to generate leads via social media platforms, so have a look

Poor quality content

Whenever the question comes to generate qualified leads, one name that comes to mind is ‘Content marketing’ as it can create hype of products or services within a short period of time. However, companies that prefer to generate leads via social media platforms generally face unnecessary issues.

The most cited reason behind why organisations fail to generate leads through social networking platforms is ‘Low-quality content.’ This factor is vital to get attention because the quality of content decides whether prospects would show interest in products/services or not.

Therefore, it is crucial for companies to make sure that content (which is going to be shared on business pages) is in high-quality. Here are some suggestions that would help to enhance the quality of content:

  • Make sure that all information is written in a simpler language.
  • Ensure that everything from the title to conclusion is enticing as it would maintain the interest level of readers, which, in turn, may lead to more number of shares on social media platforms.
  • Add the company’s website URL so that readers can easily access more information related to products or services.

Note: High-quality content brings the desired results as long as it conveys a fresh message. So, make sure that a similar type of content doesn’t get shared in a streak.

Not sharing enough product-explainer videos

Usually, companies share write-ups links on business pages so that brand followers can learn about products and services. From this business’s point of view, this is a commendable move. But to generate a myriad of leads, it is prominent to share product-explainer videos as much as possible.

If industry reports are to be believed, video marketing increases the odds of generating leads up to 33%. Furthermore, the significance of videos cannot be overlooked because they have 135% higher reach as compared to images and write-ups.

Henceforth, if you are an owner of a business and willing to generate a mound of leads in order to fill the sales funnel, start sharing high-quality videos on social networking platforms, especially on YouTube. For better results, you can create video series that can educate prospects about the benefits of products/services one by one.

If you are already using video marketing, but not getting the desired results, it is highly suggested to avail B2B call centre services from a reputed vendor.

Not getting high-quality content

As we have already told that, both content and video marketing strategies can help to generate qualified leads on social media platforms within a short period of time. But to boost the chances of generating a myriad of leads, it is imperative to gate high-quality write-ups and videos.

This is so because prospects (social media users) often don’t contact the company after getting the desired information. Owing to this, the probability of generating leads gets decreased to a great extent.

Thus, it is extremely important to gate all the high-quality content be it articles, blogs, or videos. In addition, potential customers often don’t hesitate in providing their contact information for getting quality content. And such information could be beneficial in the lead nurturing process.

Apart from that, it is vitally important to note that lighter content such as images, infographics, etc. shouldn’t be gated as it could bring adverse results for the business.