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How OMR software outsmart other methods for conducting surveys?



Researchers and business sectors are the two main bodies that rely on survey method to uncover certain vital points that give a clear reasoning to their specific questions. The questions that become the base of a survey can be related to various topics and can be asked in multiple ways. With the integration of OMR based survey solution, the questions can be strategically planned and can render the most accurate data. But while structuring your survey questions few points need to be kept in mind:

  • The main objective of the survey
  • The exact application of the survey data
  • The points that need to be concluded after obtaining the result from survey data

Main reasons for conducting surveys:

  • To get answers: Every survey is conducted with a motto to unravel a situation with definite answers. When there are questions that are arousing doubts then the best way to get them answered is by taking a majority outlook of the target people who are related to the situation.
  • Initiate discussion: With responses attained through a survey, important discussions can take place with some strong ground to discuss upon. This allows a higher level of insight to the survey topic, giving way to new topics within a wider perspective.
  • Objective information: Surveys are the best way to have an un-biased approach towards decision making. By analyzing the obtained data, one can give importance to necessary topics rather than wasting time on topics that hold no importance.
  • Comparison of results: Results can be gathered through different type of sources and target audience after which they can be compared against each other to ascertain the accurate result. The more accurate method can also be kept as reference for further use.

While carrying out a survey, most significant factor is the method used for collecting the data. Acquiring data from various sources all at once can be a tedious task and so a robust tool should be used to accumulate a wide spread of data and compile it in the most simplified, decipherable form. Technology has moved a way ahead with OMR software that can be effectively used while conducting a survey of any sort. Its application has been widely acclaimed by many renowned survey industries and many are switching to this advance form of collecting survey data.

‘Socio Economic survey’ that is published every year by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and is placed in both the houses of State Legislature has also newly adopted survey solutions that are OMR based.

What makes OMR software preferable for survey industries?

  1. Speed– Gives instant results of data collected on large scale
    Survey industries mostly have large samples or different types of samples whose results need to be evaluated within a short period of time. For this purpose whatever tool is being used in the method of data collection should be capable of rendering swift results. OMR software incorporates of high level technology that renders durable speed during OMR form processing; an estimate of 10,000 sheets can be easily read by OMR software in an hour.
  2. Accuracy– Any amount of survey data can be read with accuracy
    During the time of extracting results out of the OMR sheets accuracy matters a lot. To come to a definite understanding of the result acquired it is important for the result to be accurate otherwise one can reach to faulty conclusions, creating a mess of the survey objective. OMR software guarantees 100% accuracy without any fault making it a durable and dependable tool.
  3. Data Reading– No need to integrate special extensions to the software
    OMR software can initiate the process of data reading out of OMR sheets through any scanner like flatbed/MFP/ADF. Its speed and accuracy never gets affected with the type of scanner or printer being used.
  4. Time and cost effective– Cutting short on expenses and time utilized in the survey process
    By the use of OMR software whole of the survey process gets automated saving lot of time of the researchers. If the expenses are considered then the manual or any other form of conducting survey is much more expensive than incorporating OMR solution to the process. It significantly decreases the usage of logistics and many other sorts of tools, being a one stop solution to for every survey related need.
  5. Data storage– Compiles data and presents in the most simplest and understandable form
    OMR software also serves the purpose of storing data for further reference or future use. The data is easily accessible and is stored in different formats to give you easy lookout for any sort of cross comparison or evaluation.
  6. User-friendly– Researchers don’t need to hold any special expertise for operating OMR software
    During the lengthy process of conducting a survey the least that a researcher would want is to get entangled with a tedious process. This is why OMR software is designed with a motto to be as simple as possible so that it can be operated by any laymen curtailing on giving a hard time to its user.


If not clubbed with the benefits of an accurate tool, conducting survey can be a real brain-storming task for the researchers. Surveys are a great medium to attain a conclusive understanding about a situation at hand. With all the importance they hold in different sectors of the society, it is important to make them effective and significant. This is the reason why OMR is considered as one of the best survey solutions because of all the features it consist of to run a successful survey process without any lag.