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What is a Funktion-One Sound System?




Funktion One is a sound system manufactured by Funktion-One, an English company that was set up in 1992 by Tony Andrews and John Newsham. The company is based in Dorking, Surrey and has been involved in the manufacturing and invention of professional loudspeaker systems for over 25 years.

The company prides itself on its designs which have a focus on producing the maximum efficiency possible – that is, the conversion of the power of the amplifier into acoustic energy. The reason for this is simple, it allows the Funktion-One sound equipment to produce a sound that is responsive and alive. It also uses less electrical power in order to do so making any system that is purchased in the Funktion range more energy efficient than other systems available on the market.

The Funktion-One systems have been carefully put together too, with the principle idea being to produce the best possible audio quality. The company’s mission is a sound system that offers sonic accuracy using a technological approach that avoids the need for the use of system EQ and compression driver mid-range. The system also offers a number of different loudspeaker options which provide a fantastic directional control that makes it possible for any sound that is produced to be focused exactly where it is needed whilst ensuring that any out-of-venue environmental impact is kept to the minimum.

Ambisonic Surround Sound System

Funktion-One is the company behind the pioneering work that brought about the Ambisonic Surround Sound System. This is the sound system of choice when it comes to large scale events, and especially those that take place at an outdoor venue where sound quality needs to cope with interference from the environment. When it comes to this type of spatial technology, Funktion-One has more experience than any other company in terms of implementation. This is the technology that has been used for high-profile events like Glastonbury Festival, the London Millennium Dome central show and The Glade Festival. It has also been used very successfully by the Chemical Brothers for an event.

The Funktion One Range

When it comes to sound systems, the Funktion-One range offers a truly wide variety that is suitable for all types of occasion and event. They don’t just rest on their laurels though with older established models that have proven time and time again that they can deliver, the range is constantly being added to and improved. There are innovative new products such as the BR Bass and Evolution range alongside Resolution 2s, 4s, and 5s which have a real history as proven sound systems.

A sound system is never truly complete without the right loudspeakers and again Funktion-One have this more than covered with a great range that are suitable for a variety of venue and event types. Whether you are looking for something in a smaller format, perhaps the F81, F1001, F1201 or the F88, or something altogether larger and more suited to a stage type setting, the range has everything. It even includes a tweeter pod, which, whilst it isn’t usually required, is available none the less. And if you need something with an extreme bass application that there are also double infra horns available.

To put it simply the Funktion One range offers the type of quality and sound clarity that you need from your sound system, whether you are looking for something for a smaller more intimate venue or an outdoor venue with a huge audience and all the environmental interference that comes with it. There is no compromising with the sound quality that you get. This is the sound system that will help to ensure that all the bases are covered and that no quality or clarity of sound is lost.