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What to give to a female colleague on her birthday: Awesome ideas




All people love to receive gifts on their birthday, and work colleagues are no exception. It is much easier to choose a surprise for a loved one, because you know that your mother, friend, sister loves or does not love. What to give to a female colleague on her birthday? Oddly enough, a lot of options! Read some awesome ideas below.

What to look for when choosing a gift

What to give to a female colleague on her birthday? Some of this issue knocks out of the rut. In fact, you just need to analyze the situation, and the solution will come by itself. A mistake with the choice can lead to a deterioration of relations, and this is unacceptable in the working team. If your relationship with the bestowed lady cannot be called good, but you still need to congratulate her, don’t give an expensive gift. It can be interpreted incorrectly. But too much to save, too, is not worth it if you consider yourself a sensible and educated person. It’s best to stick to the golden mean, and then the birthday present by a female colleague will be accepted and interpreted correctly.

Do not forget about the main thing: you are colleagues. So, intimate gifts that you used to give to friends and relatives will not work. Even if a surprise is being prepared for a subordinate, discard familiarity. Funny gifts happy birthday colleague-woman, too, may not like, because the sense of humor is different.

Do not give shampoos, deodorants, shower gels? A woman may think that she is dirty and smells unpleasant from her. Do not give a plump lady a subscription to the gym – this can be perceived as a personal insult.

How to make a surprise

It is important to think not only about giving a female colleague a birthday, but also about how to do it. Mood will create a bright festive packaging or a beautiful gift bag. Do not be too zealous with packing, it should be easily removed. A good solution would be to attach a gift card with sincere congratulations. If you easily put words into lines of verses, write a couple of quatrains for a colleague. And of course, prepare an oral speech. If your team has a good relationship, you can even sing a congratulatory song in chorus.

Gift to the woman from the team

More often than not, one active and enterprising employee is chosen in the team who is ready to take on the mission of collecting money and buying a surprise for the birthday man. What to give a female colleague a birthday from the team as a whole? Any lady will surely please jewelry: pendant, earrings, and wrist watches. It will be nice to get a multi-tiered box for storing existing jewelry. A girl can be presented with high-quality perfumery water, a more mature woman will be glad to have a home appliance. A gift to a female colleague for a birthday is selected depending on the amount available.

It can be a blender, vacuum cleaner, multicooker, kettle, bread maker and so on. Only at the beginning, gently ask if the person bestows this device. A set of crystal glasses or glasses, a set of pots or pans will always be useful.

An inexpensive birthday gift for a female colleague

If you are limited in budget, but still want to make a pleasant colleague, do not be upset. There are many stylish gifts, the purchase of which does not require large investments. If you notice that the lady often digs in her purse and cannot find the desired item, give her a business card holder or key keeper. This will help to clean up the bag a little. Such a personalized gift, like a photo frame, can also deliver aesthetic pleasure if it is made of an unusual material or has an original shape. If a lady wears glasses, present her with a stylish accessory case. A home plant will please both a young and mature employee.

Stationery and computer accessories as a gift

Office is the most popular department for the purchase of gifts to colleagues. If you work in the office, then a stylish and high-quality stationery set will be a good gift. Watch what the woman does at work. The secretary will love the new diary, in leather binding, and the manager, the expensive pen. An accountant can evaluate a new folder for papers.

A wonderful gift can be found in the computer department. Almost everyone needs a memory card today – flash drives. You can purchase some unusual model, for example, in the form of an animal or fruit. Fashionistas will appreciate the flash drive, studded with shiny rhinestones.

Would you like to present a unique birthday gift to a female colleague? Buy a computer mouse of unusual shape.

If a woman drives a car, then it can be a beautiful car-like mouse. There are manipulators in the form of a chocolate bar or decorated with rhinestones and fur. Get a cup of hot coffee in the computer department; get a cup stand with heating function. This is a necessary and fashionable surprise.

A gift for a woman colleague’s birthday: ideas

Souvenirs – an inexhaustible ocean of gifts for women of all ages. What can you choose from the variety of the range?

Stylish interior decoration is a theme that will not leave any woman indifferent. A colleague will definitely be delighted with a vase, a painting, a statuette or a wall clock, selected wisely.

If a girl likes to talk on a mobile phone, give her a stand for him. Such an accessory can even reflect the character of a lady: be strict or fancy, chrome-plated or plastic. There are even variations with the function of charging a mobile device. You can also give a beautiful phone case, key chain or pendant.

If a girl smokes, present her with a stylish lighter. For the lover of reading the best gift will always be a book. Do not forget to sign it – and the memory of you will remain for a long time.

Clothes to colleagues cannot be given, because it is likely that you cannot guess with the size or style. But a scarf or tippet can be a great gift. Choose monophonic things without screaming spots. And in the cold season, you can choose cute mittens or gloves for a female colleague. In the rainy season, a quality umbrella is useful.

Classic genre: flowers and Chocolates

Do not slow down and the most familiar gifts for women – flowers and sweets. A beautiful bouquet is not a banal gift, but an eternal classic of the genre that will always be pleasant. If you wish to present an unusual birthday present to a female colleague, do not go far from the theme of flowers. Topiaries are now fashionable – compositions made of artificial flowers, bows, shells, coffee beans and so on.

If you want to give a delicious gift, then you cannot be limited to a set of chocolates.

Get a chocolate card, a set of chocolate figures, a cake with an inscription, a bouquet of sweets or fruit. Quality tea and coffee sets are always appreciated. Now they even sell special gift grocery baskets, which may include caviar, smoked meats, cheeses, olives and champagne.

Gifts-emotions for colleagues

If you want to present a special birthday gift to a female colleague, do not stop at buying things. Give emotions! Perhaps the hero of the occasion will not acquire such a gift on his own, considering it an unnecessary waste of money, but upon receiving it, he will be very pleased. So, what does it mean to give emotions?

  • Give the active girl a certificate for a horse ride, a visit to the pool, a parachute jump or a balloon flight.
  • Give a creative ticket to a master class (for example, cooking classes, pottery courses, learning any kind of needlework).
  • The pampered nature will enjoy a certificate for a massage or in the spa. True, such a gift can be given only if you are on friendly terms with the person presented.
  • A lady who loves to be photographed, present a certificate for a photo session in a studio or a photo walk. The memory of such a gift will always remain in the form of high-quality photos.
  • A gift in the form of an excursion to another city will also really like any girl.

A gift to the boss: what to choose?

If you need to give a gift to your boss, you should keep in mind: cheap souvenirs and flowers will not work. In this case, you have to fork out, so it is better to collect money from all colleagues.

What is suitable boss?

  • Accessories from expensive materials.
  • Dear books, rare editions, folios.
  • Aquarium with a goldfish, distracting from working days.
  • Picture in an expensive frame.
  • Mini fountain.

Something small, such as a Fengshui statuette, can also be attached to the main gift. Let the frog on the coins or the money tree brings the boss luck in financial matters, and the owl wisdom.

If you cannot make a choice, in any case do not give money! This is not appropriate. Choose a gift certificate for your colleague – for household appliances, cosmetics and perfumery, clothes. Just do not overdo it and do not purchase a certificate in a lingerie store. This gift is only for the closest people.

Give gifts to colleagues on your birthday and do not be afraid not to please! A gift is always a pleasure. Take into account the age, interests, character and position of a colleague – and you will definitely not be mistaken.