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‘Visa on Arrival’ and ‘E-visa’ for Indians Visiting Dubai




Dubai in no time has successfully marked its futuristic charm of modern high-tech architecture, lavish nightlife, exotic landscapes and splendid desert safari. Dubai has become dear to tourists from across the globe. Contrary to rumors, Dubai has a lot to offer more than just concrete. It might not have the Colosseum of Rome, but it has the superlatives of everything, from the tallest skyscraper to the largest Dubai Mall, Dubai has everything to offer to everyone who pays their visit to this magnificent land. Perched in Arabian peninsula, Dubai is a global city and business hub of middle-east. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world as if you look back 40 years ago from now, there was nothing in Dubai and now it has become the biggest metropolis in the world.

visa process 4Whether you are a travel enthusiast, an adventurer, a person who likes modern architecture, a party person or a history worm, Dubai portrays a perfect amalgamation of everything in its landscape. Among tourists from all over the world, 2.07 million tourists are from India. Looking at the popularity of Dubai among Indians, Dubai has offered ‘visa on arrival’ and ‘E-visa’ the visitors.

Visa on arrival

When you land at Dubai airport, there are clear signboards that indicate the way to the immigration counter. When you reach the counter, submit the required documents and pay the amount needed to deposit to avail visa on arrival.

Dubai E-visa

You can contact Dubai visa consultant to avail E-visa for Dubai. You have to fill-up an online application form and submit scanned copies of required documents and after a few clicks, you will be able to submit the application form along with the documents successfully.

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The documents you have to submit are as follows:

  • Scanned copies of the first and last page of your passport
  • Scanned copy of your passport size photograph
  • Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity
  • Bank account details which must have enough balance to bear your expenses in Dubai
  • No past criminal record
  • Booking details of flight ticket and hotel (not always necessary)


Even after availing visa for Dubai, the hassles are not over yet. Looking at the fake immigrants from Indians, Dubai has introduced Ok To Board policy, which means your flight PNR must match the Visa number. The airline authority checks it before you board their flight to Dubai.

When you apply for a visa through Dubai visa assistance, they do all the manual task of applying for a visa and getting OTB from the airlines on behalf of you and it is undoubtedly a convenient way. It ensures you to receive visa instantly.