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Top Yoga Trends That Every Yogi Should Follow in 2020



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If you think the only thing that’s trending in 2019 is the shoe with confusing color, you’re sorely mistaken. Yes, you read that right. Because many others have taken a break from the pink vs grey debate and are busy flexing their bodies by taking yoga teacher training in India. We’re only saying that so that you can pack your bags for a nice yoga vacation in the land of yoga—India. Since the only ideal thing that should be trending right now is good health, why not speak about yoga! And what better way to follow good health than following the best yoga trends of this year! Some are floating, some are coiling, but many are inspired to try various new yoga postures that are crashing the internet with their awesomeness. It’s time for you to be the first one among your yoga-loving friends and try the latest yoga trends from all over the globe.

Here are 9 yoga trends that will simply blow your mind in 2020:

  • Goat yoga

Sophie Turner made it a popular one when she decided to do goat yoga with a bunch of farm-bred goats. Fun and cute as it sounds, it’s also a great way to introduce yoga into your life if you’re tired of eating goats. Not only will you be engaged in mind-body wellness by doing yoga, but you are also likely to find a cute and innocent companion in the form of a goat. Beware of the deep urge to snuggle them as goats are cute creatures and super friendly too. Goat yoga is also a great way to become a vegetarian as befriending goats will make you less interested in eating them. Expect lots of fun and wisdom if you find a goat infused yoga teacher training in India.

  • Karaoke yoga

If you’re a lover of silent yoga, then maybe you can skip this one. But if karaoke nights get you going, you’ve finally arrived at the right place. But who said that karaoke is just for the nights. You can mix karaoke and yoga and enroll in a karaoke yoga class where students are asked to strike a pose and sing a song of their choice to get the energy going. Expect the fun to be multiplied when you sing along to an awesome downward dog and feel refreshed from your vitality.

  • Toega

You know what wasn’t so common in the 80’s—a smartphone. But here we are, spending almost all our waking hours with them. Similarly, Toega is that one yoga trend nobody believes in until it becomes a thing that everyone does. Toega is the new trend that requires that you only pay attention to your toes while flexing them. Some even claim that doing toega before going to bed causes greater ease and assists in better sleep. Will you be trying Toega in 2020?

  • Aerial yoga

Why deal with gravity when you can defy it with Aerial yoga? The latest sensation for all health freaks out there is aerial yoga where suspended mid-air by tools of trapeze one gets to learn many yoga postures. Aerial yoga is an excellent way for anyone who wants spine relief as extra support eases back pain and ensures sustained balance. People with disabilities can derive great benefits from aerial yoga too.

  • Snake yoga

This is exactly the kind of yoga that makes you jump in fear. But trust us, once you try it, you might eventually get rid of your fear for reptiles. Snake yoga is when you try a downward dog while a snake coils itself around your legs to give you a feeling of feeling your skin against them. This is a great way to train the mind in 2020 so that any reptilian encounter is effectively dealt with, through yoga.

  • SUP yoga

This is the kind of yoga that can easily carry on being the trendiest yoga of 2020 as it requires you to stay afloat on a paddleboard, upside down. So brace yourselves, beach babies, it’s time to get going with SUP yoga. This form of yoga is excellent for core muscle strength and improved concentration. Don’t think twice to try it if you have a pool and you want to be the coolest yogi among your friends.

  • Broga

The time of achieving greater health with brotherhood has arrived. Yes, broga as a form of yoga is trending and will be trending through 2020. Why, you ask? Simply because this form of yoga involves practicing several yoga forms with your best bud, your brother, you man! Flexing and toning your muscles together with the power of yoga is a great thing to do with the bros. So go ahead and book a great trip to yoga town with your brother this year and the next!

  • Gin Yoga

Only a few years ago beer yoga was making every yogi’s heart swell with happiness. But it soon got spilled over by the trendiest yoga practice in town—gin yoga. The art of mixing drinking and yoga may seem outlandish to many spiritual seekers but nonetheless, it’s a great way to balance gin’s trance with yoga’s balance. We all like to compensate for our indulgences. So why not compensate for it while doing yoga simultaneously. Gin lovers should try gin yoga as part of the New Year’s resolution. We highly recommend it.

  • Chair yoga

Easy as it may sound, chair yoga is what’s driving the trend police crazy. If you are planning to bring yoga into your life this year or next, start slow with chair yoga and experience lasting changes. Doing chair yoga while on an office break just for five minutes can cause great relief from stress and help you compose yourself in difficult office scenarios such as missed deadlines. It’s also a perfect way to recharge with minimal props as a chair is your only prop. So straighten that spine and fold your legs, your office chair awaits your nirvana, even while it’s just for a couple of minutes.