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Top Causes of Bad Hreath



If your breath stinks, you then have bad breath problem. Well, it’s not a serious medical condition unless caused by some underlying health issues. In general, poor oral hygiene is often the major reason behind bad breath. If you brush, floss and rinse your mouth properly and regularly, you can easily keep your breath fresher and livelier. Bad breath or halitosis is also triggered by bad habits such as smoking, drinking etc., so it’s always better to mend your ways and refresh your breath. Gum disease could also be one of likely causes of bad breath.

Let’s look at major causes of bad breath –

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene has to be the most common cause of bad breath. When you don’t take oral care seriously, it then allows bacterial growth inside the mouth which creates the unpleasant smell. Don’t brushing properly, not flossing between the teeth, not cleaning the tongue and not rinsing the mouth, all could lead to bad breath over time.

No regular oral check-up

Even the risk of poor oral hygiene can be countered with regular visit to the dentist. And if you don’t, this can lead to the problem of bad breath. Many people don’t take oral care seriously, skip their hygiene schedules frequently and this allows bacteria, plaque and tartar to stock up inside the cause bad breath.

Flavoured foods

Not all foods are good for your dental health. Some of them have string flavour and they can cause your breath to smell. Consuming too much of garlic, onions and spices can leave you with stinking smell. However, these foods don’t cause regular type of bad breath and you can cut down on their intake and get back to being your best easily.

Tea & coffee

Too much consumption of tea and coffee can cause you bad breath. Both these beverages have strong smells and their effects linger on long after you have finished them. More importantly, their consumption can cause dry mouth and when that happens, saliva production is stopped leading to stinking breath. So, cut back on your intake of tea and coffee and keep your breath refreshing.


Alcohol can cause bad breath. It is responsible for leaving your breath smell because it impacts saliva production in mouth. And when less saliva is produced, your mouth becomes dry and your breath turns smelly. Drinking liquor is bad for your dental health and the earlier your understand the better. So, chuck this bad habit and maintain your dental health.


Smoking is one of major causes of bad. It not only stains and discolours teeth, causes gum disease but also makes the breath stink. This happens due to a number of harmful chemicals present in tobacco products. Smoking also affects saliva production and when that happens, your mouth turns dry and this is how the breath starts smelling.


Some prescription medications can also cause bad breath particularly when used for long. Using nitrates, tranquilizers and some chemotherapy medication can leave your breath smelly. If you think your medication is at fault you can consult the dentist immediately and get it replaced. This will help your breath remain fresher for longer with no dental issue in the long run.

Gum disease

In some cases, your dental health is also responsible for bad breath problem. Take for example, if your tooth is infected, it will allow bacteria to enter your mouth and you know how these bacteria can cause smelly breath. Fractured tooth and gum diseases could also be a cause of bad breath. The earlier you get them treated the better.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions too are known to cause bad breath like diabetes, throat infections, dry mouth, lung infection etc. You can get yourself checked and see what’s causing your breath to turn smelly. Dental filling cost is not that much and if tooth infection is the reason behind your bad breath, there is a treatment for that.

Clearly, bad breath is a problem you should not ignore given its harms in the long run. If you want to maintain a superior oral health, it’s better to keep your breath fresh always.