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Top 5 Best Electric Shavers For Your Sensitive Skin



Shaving is a compulsory part of your daily routine, even you go to the workplace or anywhere you want to look clean and bold. Every day when we get ready we just don´t have ample of time but a very short time to run for work and so little to shave.

So when men are in hurry they just need a good shave but that results in cuts on their face that cause bleeding, infections and many skin diseases.


Now people with sensitive skin have a hard time of thinking which shaver to use as they are sensitive to their skin so choosing the best one is a headache. So we have compiled the 5 very best electric shavers for your sensitive skin so you enjoy shaving on time and look pretty every day. Below are the best electric shavers with their amazing features.

Philips Norelco 7300

Aftershave leaves you with irritation and damage to your skin but not with Philips Norelco 7300 shaver which is specially designed for sensitive skin. You cannot get dissatisfy when you shave with this shaver. With its dynamic tech technology, it provides the most comfortable and closet shave possible for your sensitive skin.


Apart from this you also need to clean your shaver and the oils you usually use create irritation on your skin when you use so this shaver has patented smart-clean scheme that uses a dual filtration system to clean any hair or shaving gel from the heads.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Acr5

Mostly the people with sensitive skin have issues with ingrown hairs which are unwanted and it’s very disturbing for them so now by getting the use of Panasonic Acr5 electric shaver is the best option for them.


 Acr5 comes in three different foils, one is life tech foils which helps to cut stubborn hairs that lay flat on your skin, finish foil will help to cut hairs that are initially missed and slit foil will cut your hair to the desired length and yes that’s all you need to have and no worries about how much your skin is sensitive.

Braun Series 5 5090cc Foil shaver

When you need a good shave clean and clear for your sensitive skin but at the same time you need the best quality too then Braun shaver is the right choice as it is a high-quality brand and its one of the respected shavers brand in the market when it comes to electric shavers because they produce gadgets of high-end shaving for a long time.


Its best for the hardest and trickiest bread and you experience a non-itching after effect after your shave so has a good day.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Acr4

This is a high-quality product at an economical price but just don’t think the quality is compromised because that’s not true at all. Panasonic Acr4 is just not best for sensitive skin but it has a shaver head with 4 blades made with hypoallergenic steel making it anti-allergic for your sensitive skin.


It is suitable to use with water, gel or shaving cream. Now you can shave with confidence without any worries.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

This is one of the greatest and latest German manufacturers and represents the iconic series 7, the series 9 is a powerful shaver with a more advanced electric shaver that gives a comfortable shave. Its shaving is very impressive as its shaves close to the skin without the fear of any cuts and gives a gentle feel to the skin.


 It is highly recommended for sensitive skin as there is no fear of any cause of infection or bleeding even you cut off a three-day-old beard. Although it’s not economical in price when it comes to sensitive skin issues then a pricey shaver is worth buying because you don’t want to get in trouble when you shave.
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