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The Secrets of Softness of the Bed Sheets




Just like many people love shopping for their perfect mattress, in the same way, there are also people who seek the softest and highest quality sheets that give a comfortable feel against the skin when they relax on the bed. Now the question is with so many options, how to choose the one that will give you the true soft feeling? There are many things to notice while determining the purchase of softest sheets. Few of the things included are the significance of thread count in quality sheets, which creates the softest sheets.

While doing the cotton double bed sheets online shopping, one should check the durability and longevity of the softest sheets to withstand everyday use. It is important to consider this while purchasing the softest and perfect sheets as it will cost more than the average bed sheets.

Material used

The softest sheets are considered to be made of long staple fiber content which consists of extra long fibers that are spun to produce strong and durable threads. The staple fiber cotton contains Egyptian, Pima, and Suprima cotton. Also, the portico bed sheets available online contains staple fiber cotton. Along with the fiber, the thread count should also be considered while you do double bed sheets online shopping. Hence, it can be said that the weave is the key element which affects the feel, look, longevity and its price. And all these features are available in the satin weave made of cotton.

Don’t get bluffed with the thread count, the highest thread count doesn’t mean that the sheet is of best material. Never buy sheets of cotton with a lower thread count of 200 or a thread count higher than 800. Thread counts more than 800 will not give a soft feeling rather it will become stiffer due to a tighter weave comparing to the bed sheets with lower than 800 thread counts.

Softness is just a matter of personal choice. In this context, there are two winners such as pima cotton percale sheets with a thread count of 280 and sateen weaved sheet with a thread count of 400. All these sheets get softer with every wash and it is always recommended that while you do cotton double bed sheets online shopping, the thread counts should vary between 200 & 800. Hence, higher the softness and quality of the sheet, higher are the prices. Therefore, price, quality, and material goes hand in hand and the variation in one affects the other.

While you are spending on a pure cotton bed sheet, always make sure of its quality. MINU bedsheets has brought best quality bed sheets at the most reasonable price.