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Top 4 CRM Apps That can Help Boost Sales



Today businesses can’t do without CRM software solutions. If a business has to maintain or develop customer relationship, CRM applications are a must as they help by collating data relevant to customer preferences. The advantages of a CRM system are boost in sales, improved efficiency and productivity, better security for data, mobile operations, better decision making and availability of real-time data.

Did you know that 79% of leads fail to convert without CRM?

A typical CRM application has the following features – collection of data, analysis of the same and processing that collected information to help understand all about today’s customer from a business standpoint. The data collection may happen via various channels such as websites, social media, mailer campaigns, phone calls/sms and other kinds of feedback and data collection platforms.

CRM solutions result in lead cost reduction of about 20%!

Many UI/UX developers and iOS application developers are either using these apps for their businesses or working on one themselves to capitalize on the immense popularity of such apps. CRM applications have moved towards the mobile arena in recent years and we will take a look at popular CRM apps that have helped boost sales in this blog.

#1: Salesforce

The name must surely be familiar for it is the top CRM solution in the world. The CRM app from Salesforce is a powerful tool that can be integrated with your ERP and helps the sales team analyse data in real time, share feedback and manage leads on the go. Many android and iOS developers and mobile app development companies rely on Salesforce themselves to manage their leads and lead conversions.

#2: HubSpot

HubSpot is a full-fledged CRM application and it boasts of a rich and easy UI interface apart from amazing features and functionalities. Customization of the interface is one of the major attractions of this CRM app and the best thing about this tool is its ease of use. One needn’t be well versed in any particular software or skill to be able to use the tool well. Most small businesses rely on this CRM solution to ensure lead generation and conversion apart from boosting their sales. The best part about the app is that it is affordable and even start-ups can eye this CRM solution for their business.

#3: Freshsales

User friendly interfaces, high quality CRM and robust control over the entire sales process are some of the advantages of this CRM solution. This tool is specifically preferred when it comes to sales optimization and complete sales tracking. The analytics and reporting available as part of this app are extensive and extremely efficient thus helping the sales team analyse data more efficiently. Another key advantage of this application is that it is both a CRM and call centre app bundled into one. If you are looking for a full-fledged app with advanced capabilities, this app is certainly for you!

#4: ZohoCRM

Zoho is getting very popular in recent times for its CRM capabilities and it is yet another useful and feature rich CRM application. The app is available on the Play Store, App Store and enables data access from anywhere which is very important for sales. Accessing records at all times, modifying them and collaborating with the team becomes easy with ZohoCRM. Some of the other advantages of this app are its capability to be integrated with ERP systems and providing real time feedback apart from boosting sales.

CRM not only helps with sales boost, it also helps in customer retention by about 26%, improves customer relationships by more than 70% and results in a revenue increase of at least 40%! Given such staggering numbers, it is no wonders that many iOS application developers and UI/UX developers are teaming up to work on such solutions and bring them into the market.