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Top 10 Tips to Pick Perfect Roofing Material

It is quite obvious that your entire building could be affected by the roofing material you choose. For each one of us, a roof is a second thought until it starts wetting and leaking.




It is quite obvious that your entire building could be affected by the roofing material you choose. For each one of us, a roof is a second thought until it starts wetting and leaking. Then we realize it is a very crucial area of a building and start thinking towards the Roof Restoration or Roof Repairs from the local roofing contractors. So, whether you need to build a new house or commercial building in Melbourne or want to perform re-roofing, first you have to look out on different roofing material available in the market. 

Here are some helpful tips that you need to study while selecting the roofing material for Roof Restoration or Roof Repairs.

  1. Considering the weather barrier in your area is essential.
  2. Think about weight.
  3. Consider the increased risk of fire if your building is in a fire-prone region.
  4. The other most important thing is the budget. 
  5. Choose a color that matches well with the color of your building.
  6. Think about durability & Longevity.
  7. Take into consideration the slope of a roof.
  8. Eco-friendly and recyclable.
  9. Authorized by local building codes or not.
  10. Appearance and visual effect.

Take a look at various roof Materials’ Pros and Cons that will assist you to make a decision on which one will suit your building.

Types of Material  Made from Pros Cons
Asphalt Composition Shingles An organic paper fiber mat/fiber glass, fill up with asphalt & coated with mineral granules – Installation is Easy

– Feasible for almost every homes

– Fire resistant

– Repairing is simple

– Many colors

– Relatively inexpensive

– Life expectancy of just 15 to 30 years

– High maintenance

– Not eco-friendly

Metal Steel, aluminium, copper, or zinc alloy. Steel roofs with a zinc coating/painted finish. Copper roofs are installed unfinished and get a protective green patina with age. –  Can be laid over existing roof

– Light in weight

– Durable

– Low maintenance

– Fire resistance

– Many styles and colors

– Recyclable

– Installation is difficult

– May need painting periodically

– Costly

Clay tile Manufactured from natural clay that is fired in a kiln. – Long-lasting

– Low maintenance

– Not combustible

– Many colors

– Installation is difficult

– Very heavy

– Colors might fade

-Tiles may crack while walking on roof

– Expensive

Slate tile A mixture of Portland cement and sand. – Very Long-lasting

– Low maintenance

– Not combustible

– Very heavy

– Expensive

Concrete tile A mixture of Portland cement & sand. – Low maintenance

– Very durable

– Light in weight

– many styles and colors

– Expensive

No homeowner wants to replace the whole roof of the building if that roof deck is in mostly a good status. If you are active in the yearly routine of roof maintenance to discover and resolve minor issues, your roof needs only a restoration services rather than the entire roof replacement. It can seem like a very attractive idea for the one who does not have the budget for a complete roof replacement.

How does a roof restoration add value to your property?

  • Restoration Costs Less
  • Restoration Expands the Life of Your Roof
  • Restoration is More Durable and long-lasting
  • Restoration offer you Tax Benefits as well
  • Restoration Aids in the Prevention of Catastrophic Loss

Summing Up

Before you take any decisions, request quotes from multiple suppliers. Do not forget that the roof is expected to be long-lasting, and pick out the low-budget materials available may not be the best choice. It is significant to think for the long-term and decide wisely. There is no need for the total roof replacement if it has been retained decently throughout the years.

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