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Unique Christmas Decorating Tips




Christmas is that time of year when everything bursts from colors and festivities. Every house inside and out turns into a magical celebration of this popular holiday with eggnog and presents under the tree. From Christmas lights all around the house and garden to custom-made ornaments and decorations around the house, people enjoy this holiday most of all. And since the 25th of December is just around the corner here are some unique Christmas decorating tips that will bring a lot of joy for your home.

Hang the Christmas cards

Sending and receiving Christmas cards may be in decline since saying “Happy holidays” over apps is much easier, but this tradition isn’t gone yet. There are still those who believe in personalized holiday cards that will be a wonderful staircase decoration and always give you a glimpse of the well-wishes. Simply use a clip to hang them on a string and add a few red bows and cones to make it more in the spirit of Christmas. After all, it is the holiday of love and family so turning greeting cards into ornaments is a nice way to surround yourself with positive emotions and warmth. 

Hang a bow on the front door

A lavish and big wreath is classic ornamentation for the front door especially if you add some red berries and pine cones on it for extra decoration. But why not try something different this year that will certainly make your front door stand out from the neighbors’. Give your door a makeover with a giant red bow with green lines in the classic Christmas theme. Or you can opt for an all-red bow with some evergreen accessories on the bottom or silver ball in the center for a more elegant solution.    

Candles for the festive mood

Candles are a wonderful way to set the mood and are always welcome for any type of event or holiday. For Christmas, you can simply buy big white candles, tie red ribbons on their bottoms and surround them with holly leaves. This will be a wonderful decoration for the mantle or coffee table. 

Also, you can use glass jars with candles inside and place them on your porch steps to welcome guests to the front door. Of course, lit candles at the dinner table will bring out the warmth and highlight the festivity especially if you add some glitter and cones around them. Another plus side of candles is that you can use scented ones and spread Christmassy fragrances all around your home, like cinnamon and gingerbread.  

Pretty wrapped presents are wonderful decorations

While Christmas presents belong under the tree, some tricks will make them great decorations for the rest of your home. And the best thing is that you don’t have to use the real presents but packages and boxes you probably have to lie around the house. This is a perfect last-minute decorating idea since it will take you only some festive wrapping paper and ribbons for tie-on. Spread silver, gold, red and green balls around the presents and place them on the cabinet, coffee table and even on the windowsill. 

Ornamental centerpiece

You probably have some old tree ornaments, but you are sorry to see them go. Instead of throwing them away, give them a chance to shine one last time. Use a transparent glass bowl and place your ornaments inside making sure that you hide the damages and cracks. Now you have a wonderful decoration for the hallway, kitchen table, and nightstand in your bedroom. If you want to revive these old ornaments a bit, use hairspray and glitter to make them even more sparkly. 

Seasonal greeting with a hot cocoa bar

If there are anything guests like that is to be warmly welcomed for Christmas Day. No matter if you have a small family gathering or a bigger party with friends, a hot cocoa bar will warm their hearts and hands. Use a corner of the room for a small table decorated with miniature Christmas trees sprinkled with false snow and with a box of logs underneath. Hang tin cups in the middle of the table and place pitchers with hot cocoa on the side and sugar, marshmallows and spices on the other. 

Gingerbread cookies and Christmas candy canes should also be on display so your guests can treat themselves to some sweets as well. Invite your guests to try your hot cocoa with writing on a blackboard you can hang above the table or simply place behind the spread.  

Decorate with flowers

Flowers are an important part of any festivity and make everything more cheerful. Christmas flowers are ideal decorations for the dining room, coffee table, and mantle. From colorful bouquets decorated with pine cones to potted Poinsettia in white and red, flowers are an irreplaceable part of this holiday. And don’t forget to sneakily hang the mistletoe in the doorway and decorate your front door with red-berried holly and green ivy. Also, consider adding some Azalea indoors especially to hallway or corners since its large blooms will brighten up space and add more elegance to the décor. 

Make a dreamy white Christmas

Not every part of the world celebrating Christmas is blessed with snow. And although there is nothing wrong with Christmas in the summer, there are some decorating tips that can bring in a little winter delight. Create your illusion of falling snow by hanging silver and white snowflakes on your windows frames with a barely visible string. Use paper to make all sorts of snowflakes in different shapes and sizes and besides the windows, you can hang them from the ceiling or on the front porch.  

Final thoughts

Christmas is the time when people come together and celebrate with good food, presents, and love for each other. This is also the holiday to let your imagination go and welcome festivity in your home. These unique Christmas decorating tips are some of the ideas you can use to turn your home into a festive ambiance welcoming any guest. 

Alexis is a Sydney-based part-time writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures, offer advice and inspiration to those who desire to improve their lives. Outside of the office, she takes pleasure in spending precious time with her youngsters and absorbing the happiness they constantly radiate.