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Things You Should Know About Container Transport



The transportation of goods by rail, sea and other means of communication in standardized, re-sealable transportation boxes is known as container transportYou can avail these containers in different sizes. It can also be customized to suit the needs of the clients.

Different Types of Container Units and Designs for Cargo Shipping

Shipping containers are in the structure of boxes that form the crucial part of a trade, commerce and shipping industry.

The primary function of containers is to store various kinds of products. These containers are shipped from one part of the world to another. Container Transport gives full protection to the products on long journeys.  This ensures that the products reach its destination safely. Depending on the type of products shipped, container units may vary in size, structure, design, dimension, materials, etc. Many different types of shipping containers are being used these days to meet all kinds of demands in shipping.

Some of the Shipping Containers Used these Days are Mentioned Below

1.  Dry Storage Container: Dry storage container is commonly used in shipping container transport; they are used for shipping of dry materials. The containers come in various dimensions like (size of 20ft, 40 ft and 10ft).

2. Flat Rack ContainerTo ship-wide variety of goods, flat rack containers are used. With collapsible folding sides, these flat rack containers can be folded and made flat, so that shipping products will be easy and space saving.

3Open Top Container: Open Top containers have convertible tops. They can be used to ship materials of any size, shape or height. Since the top portion can be removed completely,  it helps in making room for the containers.

4. Tunnel Container: Tunnel Container have doors on both ends of the container, they are extremely helpful in quick loading and unloading of materials, in Container Transport Services.

5. Open Side Storage Container: This unit has doors that can be kept completely open on both the sides so that there is enough room to load and unload materials.

6. Double Doors Container: These containers have 2 doors on either side which make it easier to load and unload containers conveniently.

7. Refrigerated ISO Containers: Refrigerated ISO containers are temperature regulated shipping containers. They are wholly used for the shipping of perishable goods like fruits and vegetables over long distances.

8. Insulated Or Thermal Containers: Insulated or thermal containers are the shipping storage containers with a regulated temperature control. This allows the choice of goods that require controlled temperature for long life.

9. Tanks: Tank Containers are used mostly for transportation of liquid materials.  A huge portion of the shipping industry uses these containers. These containers are built with anti-corrosive materials and strong steel.

10.  Cargo Storage Roll Container: Cargo storage roll container is a foldable container.  This is one of the specialized container units made for purpose of transporting stacks of goods. They are made of thick and strong wire mesh with rollers for easy movement.

11. Half Height Containers: Such containers are much shorter than the full-sized containers and are used for storing smaller goods such as coal, stones, pebbles etc.

12.  Car Carriers: Car carriers are containers made especially for shipment of cars over long distances. They have collapsible sides that help a car fit comfortably inside the containers without the risk of being damaged or moved.

13. Intermediate Bulk Shift Containers: Intermediate bulk shift containers are used for storing bulk materials. They generally ship materials to their destination from where they can be further sent to different places.

14. Drums: Drums are mostly used for the transport of liquid materials conveniently. They are of spherical shape and are generally made up of steel, fiber, plastic or other lightweight metals.

15.  Special Purpose Containers: These containers are not used very frequently used. They are specifically used for the shipment of specialized goods like weapons, arsons etc.

16.  Swap Bodies: These containers are used mostly in Europe. These containers are not made with they are not made using ISO standards. They are made with strong bottom and convertible top and play a vital role in container transport services.


These are some points that will help you a lot in terms of making the right type of selection of container transport along with the cost in association with the same.

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