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How to Choose Earrings Based on Your Hairstyle?



Choosing the right pair of earrings based on your hairdo can make or break any outfit ensemble. The right pair of earrings combined with the appropriate hairstyle can create a deep impact on your overall look. Both should complement each other for a flawless elegant look. Earrings are especially good at drawing attention to your face. So, to make your look on point, you should always be careful in choosing the right pair of earrings to complement your attire and hairstyle. An extensive guide to help you in picking the right earrings are as follows

Earrings for wearing your hair down

When you let your hair down it is best to go for a pair of studs. This minimalist approach is perfect to complete your overall look. A pair of gemstone studs or pearl studs are ideal to create a striking look. If you have multiple ear piercings, a stylish ensemble of studs can create a perfect layered look. You can also opt for clusters that add extra flair to your hair let down look. Clusters are usually made of different stones and materials and look perfectly well when you are wearing your hair down.

If you have shoulder length hair, colorful and large statement earrings or chandelier earrings are always a good option to opt for. Look for earrings that fill the space created by your shoulder length hair.

Earrings for high bun or up-do

When you wear your hair in a high bun or some other up-do, you can get a lot of space to experiment with the right pair of earrings. Select a right pair of hoops or dangling earrings that will look gorgeous with this kind of hair does. Since your ears will be clearly visible, you can always flaunt a nice pair of gorgeous earrings that are long and thin.

Earrings for braids and ponytails

Soft ponytails, braids, or any kind of slicked back down-do’s always calls for teardrop earrings or chandelier earrings. For any kind of hairstyle, that elongates the face shape, this kind of earrings provides the right amount of balance. You can always go for a chic pair of stylish earrings from a reliable sterling silver earring wholesale market according to your budget.

Earrings for side braids

Side braids create a perfectly stylish look for any formal or informal event. You can always create a perfect boho look or a chic elegant look with this kind of hairstyle. Minimalist earrings combined with this hairstyle is sure to make you stand out in any event. Diamond encrusted hoops are always a perfect add-on for this hairstyle. Bride colored stones go well with boho look as well.

Earrings for chignon hairstyle

You can always go for this hairstyle with by pulling your hair back sleekly into a side bun. This can always be a flawless hairstyle for any sort of formal occasions. Any kind of delicate long drop earrings can always be a perfect fit for Chignon hairstyle. The length of the earrings will perfectly accentuate your neck and shoulder line while the dramatic drop will add a classy touch to your overall look.

Earrings for half-up hairstyles

Half-up and half-down hairstyles look great with long hair as it keeps your face in focus and also adds a touch of elegance and femininity to your look. So, let your hair do the talking while you add a spark of beauty to your look with a pair of classic studs. Any pair of gemstone studs or diamond studs is always a great idea to complete your look for any event. You can also go for silver studs with a bright colored gemstone engraved on it. Always go for reliable retail stores or sterling silver earring wholesale market to get the earrings of your choice. Avoid opting for anything oversized or colorful which can mess up your look.

Earrings for curly hair

The problem with curly hair is that it can get tangled with your earrings. Also, curly hair in itself includes a lot of drama and style to your look, so getting the right pair of earrings to complement your look can be really challenging. You can always opt for a simple pair of studs that can complete your look. Hoop earrings can also be a good option to add more curves to the curls of your hair. This can perfectly complement your hairstyle.

Earrings for short hair/pixie

Earrings for short hairstyle can be challenging as there are very fewer hairstyles to experiment with. Short hair, crop or pixie cut is difficult to style with. Also, when you have this kind of hairstyles it is better to avoid big, bulky and overwhelming earrings. The accessories should balance to your hairstyle that will enhance your look. Go for earring jackets or cuffs that will look fantastic on your short hair and add a fresh edgy look. You can also opt for hoop or stud style earrings that will perfectly balance your look.

These are some of the earring options when it comes to matching it with your hairstyles. You can also go for gold, silver, diamond or gemstone earrings that can perfectly match the style. The right pair of earrings combined with an appropriate hairstyle along with a touch of confidence can always make you look great.