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The Top Cities for Starting Your Coaching Business



If you’re considering starting a coaching business, you’re passionate about helping people achieve their personal and business-related goals. You are there to hold space for people and guide them through their thought processes to improve their overall wellbeing. As a coach, you have the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world, thanks to technology. That said, working one-on-one with the client in-person is excellent, too.

The coaching industry is growing, and people are discovering the benefits of investing in a coach to help them in their personal lives, relationships, and at work. There’s never been a better time to pursue your dreams of becoming a coach.

Where are coaches in demand?

Living in a city where the demand for coaches is high will set you up for success when you start your business. There are many factors to consider when choosing a location, and assessing the cost of living relative to your income is essential too. All things considered, here are the top cities in America for starting your coaching business.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the hub for people trying to make it in the film and television industry. The industry is highly stressful and hard on those working to build their careers. There is a high demand for coaches in Los Angeles, as people need the support to stay motivated and not let the pressures of Hollywood get to them. Clients are often seeking clarity and wondering if they are doing the right thing, so if you want to get into life-coaching specifically, LA is a great place. On top of that, health coaches are in demand as well, as actors try to look their best. The cost of living here is high, but you’ll get clients quickly and can charge a decent rate per session.

New York

The hustle and bustle of life in New York makes its population score low on the wellbeing scale. Many New Yorkers burn out due to the fast pace of life and pressure to be successful. There is a high demand for both life coaches and business coaches in New York. If you’re interested in helping people succeed in their business ventures or retain a work-life balance, New York is a great option. Again, there is a high cost of living here, but you’ll have no shortage of clients, and they will pay very well.


Pittsburgh is known as one of the best cities in the country to raise a family. With that, there is a high demand for coaches as people try to navigate the realities of family life and achieve a work-life balance. It’s an excellent option for starting a coaching business because, unlike the other two, it has a relatively low cost of living. In Pittsburgh, the average monthly rent is only around $1257 per month. As a coach, you’ll need fewer than ten clients a month to afford that rent.

Starting a business as a coach gives you the chance not only to work with clients in person but also to work with clients online to maximize your reach. Even if the majority of your clients are online, it’s good to live in a city that supports your business’s potential to grow and thrive.

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