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The Significance of Document Verification in Travel Industry

Document Verification is important for the travel industry to verify the authenticity of their customers.



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Passengers travelling with incorrect documents are a source of huge monetary loss for the world’s airlines. Every year, about 60,000 travellers are turned back by immigration authorities resulting in airlines paying substantial amounts in fines and associated costs. Airlines pay the fines of $3500 per person and on top of that, they are asked to carry the incorrectly documented traveller back to their country of origin at their own expense. This leads to a loss of a seat that could have been utilized by a fare-paying passenger. In order to combat such issues, document verification services should be employed. 

What is Document Verification Services?

It is an automated process used to validate any identification document like passport, IDs, drivers licenses etc. The documents are provided by the consumer to determine the validity of their identity information. The purpose of document verification is to ensure whether the document is authentic and has not been tampered with. Every document contains some minimum security features and the verification process looks at these features. Some documents’ security features require the front and the back of the document or numerous images of the same document. 

Through document verification, customers are able to verify their details over the internet rather than in-person. Document verification also facilitates the company to meet statutory responsibilities including Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing known as AML/CTF.

How Does Document Verification Work? 

The passenger whose identity has to be verified first holds up their identity document to a web camera to scan the relevant information. The document is then examined by the software to verify its authenticity. An additional service available is for the person to provide a live picture of their face, which is then compared against the picture in the document. 

The Importance of Document Verification 

The primary function of document verification is security. It can help identify and authenticate the identity of consumers in an instant. Thus the travel and hospitality industry can greatly benefit from it, seeing as it increases the security and access for customers. The possibility of frauds like identity theft and credit card frauds increases while a person is travelling. With the help of document verification services, the airport staff can verify a traveller against their identity documents, thus enabling them to confirm the identity of an individual. 

Incorporating Document Verification in Travel Industry

The best feasible solution for the businesses is to incorporate document verification in their businesses. By incorporating the e-KYC solution, the security threats can be significantly lowered. This can be done by integrating SaaS within the business website. Through the use of advanced verification services, the risks involved can be greatly diminished. 

When a person is booking their flight, after he’s filled in the required information the AI takes over. Once everything is verified and turns out to be okay, the system proceeds with the booking. In the case of a fraudulent outcome, the booking is stopped. The entire verification takes place in real-time and doesn’t require more than a few minutes. 

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