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5 things everyone gets wrong about Swords



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Do you love Anime Swords? Of course, you do! You’re reading a whole list about them. From Akira Kurosawa to Quentin Tarantino, every filmmaker in all eras has played around with fancy swords and showy duels. The real sword enthusiasts know that much of this is exaggerated. Any realistic blade fight would alienate the audience who look for action amped up to ridiculous levels. Staying true to the Movie magic, the fights portrayed are mixed with elements of tragedy, drama, humor, and shock.

We have listed some common mistakes in pop-culture about swords. Let’s change some perceptions.

The “ultimate” sword exists

We can blame the Valyrian steel, Mithril, and Vorpal swords, as well as the infamous lightsaber for this one. Every sci-fi or mythological saga is incomplete without that indestructible and undefeatable blade. Unfortunately, this concept is wrong. The perfect Anime Sword depends on the user himself. The ideal material depends on the level and type of action the sword will see.

A sword can be cut in two

The myth that rapiers are delicate and easily breakable when combatted with long swords is the reason for this theory. However, practical demonstrations prove that it is impossible to cut even a rapier in two with repeated strikes from a bigger sword. Supposedly superior weapons like katanas are unable to cut any sword in two as well. Forget what movies told you, a hard enough strike cannot break any sword in half unless it is made defectively.

Swords can cut through chainmail

Swords are made to cut thought flesh, leather armor, and similar soft materials. With enough momentum and force, a blade can cut through bone and sinew as well. However, plate armor made of steel, visors, and chainmail is immune to the one’s prowess of the blade. This is why most dueling training is geared towards striking the joints and other unprotected parts of the opponents’ bodies.

The “Blood grove” is vital

The blood grove is a well-known trope in Hollywood where the Anime Swords of heroes are equipped with a small grove like indentation throughout their length. This grove is supposed to facilitate the blood of victims to flow over the blade so it doesn’t get stuck inside the victim’s body. However, a sword doesn’t have enough surface area to get stuck inside a victim’s body. This grove is used to reduce the weight of the weapon without sacrificing strength.

The “molten metal sword” montage is real

Sure, it looks interesting when molten metal is poured into a cast forging the sword of legends. But in reality, strong steel swords have to start as chunks of metal and then worked into a sword. The liquid forging method belongs to the Bronze Age. If it is used for steel swords, they will have no use other than wall decorations.

Swords have been one of the most versatile and utilized armaments throughout history. Every civilization finds its way to a perfect blade.