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The Rockstar Guide to Getting More Fame, and Success



Have you ever been to a concert where the beginning was just unpleasant? It may not the fault of music although the music was fine there was something in the performance which does not enjoy the audience. Such group may lack some ability that would not make them stand out in the eyes of the audience. This lack of ability is called showmanship.

This ability is not just limited to musicians but there are many bloggers who face this. There are many stories related to bloggers who successfully built the loyal relation with their readers but still, they never reached the peak of success in their niche.

What is showmanship, and how does it apply to blogging?

According to the Wikipedia Showmanship, is the ability of performance in a way that appeals to an audience and assistance in transmission the performance’s vital theme or message?

This is same as we doing in blogging and content marketing. Delivering any message and theme to your target audience.

If you are passionate you can even success in your ordinary niches if you are able to give something special to your audience.

The real example of showmanship is a pianist Victor Borges. Who has made their career in a traditional classic pianist in front of a quiet audience? He used an approach to make music interesting and entertaining by adding comedy in his performance.

Showmanship and stage presence

Your showmanship is what you bring that’s unique.

Have the showmanship is an ability which makes you unique among others. Uniqueness is not about exclusive information but it is more than that. The first thing you need to do is take your audience in a confidence on your authority. So for that, you need more than the showmanship.

The thing is that you need stage presence. Stage presence is a characteristic that helps rock star to interact with your audience. Brain Clark gives a brilliant example of Blog world that how to utilize stage presence. Stage presence gives you a chance that what part of your authentic will connect your audience and then focus on that aspect.

Gain a backbone

Your attitude plays an important element to make yourself famous among others. Do not be hesitated to state your perspective. The worst thing happens maybe you become wrong. But it is not your failure point but actually, it is the stage from where you learn from your mistakes. Keep in mind that discouragement and disagreement from opposite side make you become stronger and these are the true leaders who face that situation and come out from this.

Differentiate yourself

Have you ever ask yourself that why rock star such as Kiss and Elvis has got so much fame? They have made their own identity did not care what others thought. This is the core quality of the famous people, they have pursued their life uniquely from others. It is also suggested to get fame and success you need to differentiate yourself from your clothes, attitude or any other identifying marks. Famous people do not care what another thing for them but they always try to differentiate themselves.

7 ways to use showmanship to command the attention of your audience

  1. Choose a style that belongs to you. If you want to get fame in your niche, you just need to create some identity mark or style that reflect t your audience who are you and what you do. If your audience feels pleasure then maintain this thing for your separate identity.
  2. Immerse yourself in the style you’ve chosen. When you choose your style then submerge everything that you do with that style. That how the ability of showmanship will act. Attractive what you do and conveying in an exclusive and uniquely will help you to get the attention of your audience. If you are unable to put all thing in a single style then there is a chance that your audience gets confused by different approaches to presenting.
  3. Know what part of your personality connects with your audience. Being a reliable really does not mean that exposing everything related to yourself to the people. According to the Brian, it is related being the best to your audience when you stand in front of them. Analysis what thing in your personality will charm and attract the audience and try to show more on that personality.
  4. Focus on your audience, not yourself. People impress the way that Sonia said in the blog world after the Brian finished. She said never think of about yourself because it is not about you, it is always about your customers. Everyone goal to engage their audience you can achieve this if you understand what they want, what they like and what thing makes them pleasure.
  5. Know the difference between authenticities and “too much information.” this is a great difference between being authentic to your audience and telling something that will not really want your audience to listen. So do not cross that line and maintain that difference. According to Sonia point of view, no one wants to be too much authenticity from your side.
  6. Act as an authority if you want to be seen as one. If you wish to be understood as an authority in your niche place, you need to maintain your presence at the same level of respect. For example, if you are a financial advisor and if you continuously complaining, not a single person will be interested to listen to your advice. So act as a mindfulness when you present yourself to someone.
  7. Be consistent. In a nutshell, branding is all about consistency. Providing your audience with the consistent positive experience every time when they meet you. It is very important when you facilitate your audience you need to be consistency with it. Remember everything you publish will contribute your overall brand and follow the schedule consistently.


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