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Uniformity Vs. Conformity – How To Nurture Creativity And Dress For Success?



Conformity to acertain behavioral pattern is not being old fashioned as is commonly thought. Uniformity is not that bad either. All human beings are equal in their rights. The binding force is common and that is humanity.On a discussion on uniformity of children clothing in schools, I get perplexed. I think why diversity has to be exhibited at school at all. The fact that students are diverse in religion, color and creed is so obvious that it does not require to be revamped by mere diversified dressing.Let’s check out why conformity to a dress code (uniform) is better.

Unity and equality

The children need to be taught and to feel consistently that the most precious element of humanity is equality. There is no big deal in color or religious differences. This idea needs to be nurtured from the very beginning. Let me assure you that uniform creates a sense in them that others are like them also.

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It makes them close and gives them binding. Let’s assume that diversity in uniforms be allowed at schools. What will happen then? There will be some with affluent background who will wear branded, fashionable, glossy and expansive clothes while others not so lucky will just be frustrated.What will it lead to? Jealousy, hate and despair. Will this dress factor alone, not prove a highly demotivating element in their formative years? Will they ever be confident citizens having high self-esteem?

Discipline and Uniforms go hand in hand

Everybody knows that armed forces are the best disciplined. Discipline in fact is their forte and professional requirement. In children also it is observed that when they are allowed to come in clothes other than uniforms their discipline level decreases markedly. They start feeling as if they are no more students, but ordinary children who can play with all the noise.
In some studies conducted by educationists, it is revealed that students observing uniforms perform better and obtain good scores in their tests. This is attributed to a learning climate generated by uniformity. Besides, Army, Air force and Navy, Air lines staff is another example of observing uniforms. This is also a high performing profession where professional behavior is at its peak.
By explaining children, as how important the uniform is in life for discipline, we may prepare them to be high performers in every stage of life.

Distraction by clothes:

Colorful, branded and expansive clothes attract every body’s attention. So children, if allowed to come in variety of clothes will lead to less focusing on studies and more distraction for teachers and fellow colleagues. Will it not prove counterproductive for the objective of learning? Of course it will. Imagine a  teacher explaining newton’s laws, which requires attention of a very high order and some children staring  at jeans and T shirt worn by a snobbish girl in the front row. So what does this example prove?It is better to be in uniform while studying in class room.

Uniformity but flexibility

While remaining in uniform, variety can be created through flexibility. Make it variant in style. Allow as much freedom as school allows in variations in a dress regime. For example there are schools which allow personal flairs i.e. dressing up standard uniform with accessories.

Let the child explore creativity


Creativity is the essence of success in life. Innovation is the buzzword today. Introducing innovative products and technologies, has become necessity of corporate world. The students must get themselves be readied for this challenge ahead. But this task cannot be left on students alone.

The entire educational system and all its stake holders must nurture and inculcate curiosity for creativity in students’ mind right from the beginning. What can be done to help students be creative?

  • Make creativity an integral part of learning:
    Your class room environment must be a strong motivation for all students to be creative in their academic pursuits. The rewards and appreciations surely promote creativity. Teach them to think differently and come up with out of box solutions of problems.
  • Let the child participate in programs where they need to act creatively.
  • Discuss the successful creative ideas from industry and community with the students. Ask students to come out with workable, innovative ideas about some specific problems being faced by community.
  • If children are unable to exhibit creativity in group environment, the parents should encourage them to behave creatively in their small domain of their personal interest’s .i.e. their room. Help them to show creativity in Music, painting,dance etc.

This article is written by Jenifer Armstrong, an educationist cum free-lance writer.She contributes frequently on essay assignment help  the topics related to students’ psychological and behavioral issues.