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The 8 Best Desserts to Include in your Diet for Losing Weight



It might be surprising that treating yourself to a dessert when you’re trying to lose weight is good, but the truth is, it’s completely allowed! Of course, eating any dessert isn’t recommended since most desserts will contribute to weight gain. There are specific desserts which are incredibly tasty and nutritious, and will not cause you any issues in the long run. These are the eight best desserts that you can include in your diet plans, even when you’re working to lose weight!

Apple cookies

Apple cookies aren’t exactly cookies how you imagine them. You’d take a slice of an apple, place some sweet spread over it, and put chocolate chips, almonds, or whatever you want on top of it. They’re very tasty and healthy. They also don’t take a lot of time to make which is great because you won’t have to wait for them to bake!

Homemade Twix

Real Twix is tasty and amazing, but it just doesn’t fit the whole ‘health’ idea. You can make your own, homemade Twix that is grain-free, gluten-free and vegan. There’s also no refined sugar involved which will help you keep weight levels stable.

Healthy banana splits

What’s there to say? Cut up some fruits, put a little creme on top, sprinkled with sprinkles and place a nice cherry, an explosion of taste with a good amount of health. This is something that you’ll be able to eat whenever you want, but we recommend you eat it for breakfast – start your day amazingly!

Pumpkin pie smoothie

Is there anything better than getting nice and warm and enjoying a nice pumpkin pie smoothie next to a fireplace? Whether it’s Christmas or in the middle of summer, this timeless dessert will awaken all of your senses. It’s also healthy and tasty and easy to make.

Fruit sorbets

Fruit sorbets are perfect for the summer. They’re relatively easy to make, and you can make any combination of fruit. You’ll need fruit and sugar – that’s all! You’ll need to chop up the fruit until it’s almost fully liquid and make sugar syrup by boiling a mixture of water and sugar (50/50 distribution). A glass top stove is perfect for this. Make the sorbet a little bit too sweet before you put it in the freezer since freezing something weakens the sweet taste. Voila! Your summer sorbet is ready!

Lemon mousse with strawberries

This is a dessert which many people will appreciate because of good it is. Mousse is, in general, incredibly tasty and unique, but giving it this flavor combination will make your mouth water. The base taste is lemon which gives it a nice, sour taste, while the strawberries can be put on top. You can also combine both the lemon and the strawberries, but this is up to you.

Pear and chocolate

There’s one perfect word to describe this combination: Yummy! Cut a pear into small slices and melt some dark chocolate. You can even add a small amount of vanilla to the chocolate to make it even tastier. You eat it by simply dipping the pear slices into the chocolate. There you go! An easy-to-make, healthy dessert!

Coconut pudding

Not everyone loves the taste of coconut but trust us – this pudding is amazing! Coconut is accepted as a great choice when it comes to losing weight and dieting so that this pudding will be right up your alley!


These desserts are evidence that you are allowed to treat yourself properly. As long as it’s not food that contains too many calories, fats, or anything else that can cause you to gain weight, you’re allowed to eat it. There are many other recipes out there so if these eight desserts start boring you, search around for a bit and you’ll find a plethora of healthy dessert recipes. Bon Appetit!